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Monopoly Knockout Review

Monopoly Knockout Review Andrew Paul

Summary: Monopoly Knockout is a fast paced version of the classic board game that works a treat!



Monopoly is a gaming institution and given its age (almost 90) and popularity, it’s hard to imagine a new version of this epic board game. However this game has gotten a whole lot faster thanks to its highly tweaked version that somehow just works

Imagine if Monopoly meets bocce (or lawn bowls) and then multiple that with the formula of light speed and you have Monopoly Knockout that unlike a traditional 4-player game of this classic which can last well over an hour, this version can be finished in under 20-minutes. The game also supports 2 to 8 players that makes it ideal for families, especially those looking to switch off from screen time because the lost art of board games makes for some stellar memories.

Box Contents

  • Monopoly Knockout Gameboard
  • 16 Plastic Sliding Tokens (4 red, 4 yellow, 4 green, 4 blue)
  • 1 In Jail Card, 1 Reference Card
  • 4 Turn Markers (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue)
  • Money Pack
  • Game Guide

Unlike Monopoly which features a square board, Knockout has a 3-foot (almost 100cm) rectangular one where players take turns sliding their tokens down the board. The goal here is to land on properties in order to collect money, however you can also knock your opponents off their squares which creates some truly fun competitiveness. Just be wary that players can get revenge on their next turn in order to move you off your “win”. Besides getting knocked off the board, other spots to be danger include jail and the luxury tax with both costing you money.


To start, a person is nominated as the banker and players choose a colour for their tokens which is red, yellow, green and blue. The banker then turns the tokens over and chooses the tokens in order of who starts first, however after each round, the following player goes first which continues until the last player – so everyone gets a turn. Each player also slides their token one at time which completes a round with the goal being to land on property or to knock other players off. After the rounds (2 for 2-players, 3 for 3-players or 4 for 4-players), the player with the most money wins!

Like real monopoly, the properties at the end or top have the most value which is generally your goal to grab more money. If you land on the railroad, you get to choose an unoccupied property to collect money from and chance allows you to slide again. Lastly there is a free parking that holds $500 and the person with the most tokens on this square receives all the money. The luxury tax collected during the end of the round goes into free parking. That’s basically the gist of Monopoly Knockout and more importantly, it works like treat.

Final Thoughts?

Monopoly Knockout is a fast paced version of monopoly that everyone (young and old) in our household thoroughly enjoyed and it’s great way to get the family bonding again and more importantly, away from those digital screens.


Monopoly Knockout available now at major retails such as Big W, Target, K-Mart, Myer and Amazon for a RRP of $29.99AUD (April 2024)

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