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Monopoly Dreams Review (Melbourne Australia)

Monopoly Dreams is a super fun interactive exhibition that is a celebration of the classic board game. This multi-sensory experience successfully transports you to key elements and themes of Monopoly that caters for people of all ages. It also implements QR technology (so a smartphone is needed) to play some of the games that rewards you with Monopoly money that can be used in the gift shop or cafe.

Supporting your adventure to Monopoly City is a history lesson that showcases the various Monopoly board games throughout the years which highlights the reach and popularity of this 88-year old board game launched in 1935. Additionally the exhibition uses touch screen displays where you need to break out of the iconic Monopoly jail to fixing the burst pipes at the Water Works. Your host of course is Mr Monopoly who will virtually visit you throughout your exploration of Monopoly Dreams.

Fun Fact: Monopoly is the world’s highest-selling board game of all time, having reached more than 1 billion players in 114 countries across the globe.

There are also lots of physical activities such as jumping on a designated spot to power the Electric Company, bag throwing and one of our favourites, a Monopoly Money booth where you need to physically catch as much money as you can in 20-seconds. This money can then be deposited at the bank to add to your overall Monopoly money stash.

Then you have the 4DX cinema where you must help Mr Monopoly and his dog Scottie to catch a crook as he dashes through the streets of Melbourne that even includes the iconic Brighton Bathing Boxes. However one of our highlights was the stealing a diamond from a high security room as you had to dodge the laser beams in order to get to this priceless gem and then get out before the timer runs out.

Fun Fact: Monopoly went to space in 2007

Best of all, Monopoly Dreams is a very unique experience and everyone in our family thoroughly enjoyed themselves and as one of our kids said… it was epic! Further, the entire exhibition is well presented (and quite big at 1,7000 square metres), bright and the staff were equally fantastic and very friendly. A special shout out to the Irish staff member who went above and beyond and showed our kids some magic with cards as we waited for the bag throwing.

Final Thoughts?

Monopoly Dreams is pure and simple fun that cannot be faulted. My family loved it (myself included) and even just looking around Monopoly Dreams, all the guests had big smiles on their faces – that’s a win! With the school holidays here, Monopoly Dreams is the perfect destination where you’ll learn some history and more importantly, have a blast with all the enjoyable interactivity.

Oh… there’s also the world’s largest Monopoly helicopter piece as well!




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