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Published on April 12th, 2024 | by Andrew Holmes

Minishoot’ Adventures Review

Minishoot’ Adventures Review Andrew Holmes

Summary: Minishoot' Adventures is a standout that combines the best elements of two beloved genres into a cohesive and engaging experience.



If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’d know that I’m a sucker when a game can combine two different concepts, and do it well. Minishoot’ Adventures does exactly that, putting together the hectic nature of a Bullet Hell Twinstick-shooter, and the adventurous nature of The Legend of Zelda. While I know it’s early, I wouldn’t be surprised if Minishoot ends up in my top games of the year in 2024.

You know, I’m not actually into the Legend of Zelda. I know that’s funny considering how I led into this review at the top, but I wanted to get that off my chest. That being said, in my eyes, Minishoot’ Adventures is everything I’ve ever wanted in a game like LoZ. Like in the original LoZ on NES, the titular character, in this case a ship, needs to save the world. On the journey, you will level up, find equipment, and all the usual fare for a game with RPG elements in 2024. That being said, Minishoot’ while feeling familiar in some ways, completely stands out among its peers. While there isn’t anything particularly special about the leveling system, every level and upgrade the player finds makes a big difference in how the game is played. Whether it’s increasing the bullet damage, or just making the ship move faster, it will always make an impact. Something I particularly liked about this system, is the fact the player can re-tool the upgrades at any time. You feel like you need to move faster for a little while? No problem, just decrease the level on shooting, and upgrade that temporarily. I love the flexibility this gives, and it never makes the player feel like they’ve made a mistake when leveling.

When it comes to leveling, it’s a standard affair.  This is gonna sound crazy but, in Minishoot’ adventures, you level up by defeating enemies. I know. Truly wild times. This is where the bread and butter of the game comes in, the combat in Minishoot’ adventures is fantastic. Personally, bullet hells can be overwhelming for my brain to keep up with, as there is typically a lot going on. While Minishoot’ touches those highs, but only when the action needs it. Ala, a big boss fight, or a challenge room. The game does a great job of being challenging, while never being unfair. In my playthrough, I died a lot, but it never felt unfair or unwarranted. It’s the best kind of deaths that make the player want to keep playing. Speaking of, there is a lot of game here for the price. Beyond the combat, there are a bunch of secrets to find around the open world. My playthrough was about 8 hours long, and I only completed 65% of the map. My personal favorite beyond the combat are the races that you can find scattered throughout the world.

The world itself isn’t the biggest, but there is a ton to do in it. Beyond that though, It’s also quite nice to look at. While the areas aren’t the most original, there is your typical desert area, forrest area, a water area, the visuals are stunning. Overall Minishoot’ just looks clean. The graphics are bright and stylized, with rich black outlines, with pops of color all over the place. A little thing that Minishoot’ did visually that was really clever, was the level up area. In most games, it’s typically just a number, or a bar, but in Minishoot’ it’s a gem that fills with shards of the fallen enemies. The shards can be seen falling into the gem, and when it eventually fills up, the player levels up. It’s little things like this that really turns a good game, into a great game. A lot of love was definitely put into this aspect of the game.  The soundtrack is also really good. While there may not be standout tracks, the soundtrack complements the action perfectly, enhancing the overall experience.

Final Thoughts?

Minishoot’ Adventures is a standout that combines the best elements of two beloved genres into a cohesive and engaging experience. With its dynamic gameplay, stunning visuals, and wealth of content, it’s no surprise that Minishoot’ has the potential to be one of the top games of the year in 2024. Whether you’re a fan of Bullet Hell shooters, The Legend of Zelda, or simply enjoy well-crafted games, Minishoot’ Adventures is a must-play experience that shouldn’t be missed.

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