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Published on April 19th, 2023 | by James Wright

Minecraft Legends Review

Minecraft Legends Review James Wright

Summary: Minecraft Legends ... It's Pikmin meets Minecraft meets RTS!


RTS Minecraft!

Minecraft Legends is the latest game in this popular franchise and adds an RTS twist into the mix as the Piglins have invaded the world. As a result, its blocky denizens are looking at you as their hero to help reclaim their lands and stop this otherworldly invasion before they lose their home and the lives.

Welcome to Minecraft Legends… As expected from visual perspective, the game mirrors the aesthetics from the Minecraft universe well and while this game is available on PC, it works well on the Xbox Series X as the controls are sturdy and the difficulty of Legends is a little on the lower side of the challenge spectrum.

However prior to commencing your play, you need to customise your hero and the first part of the game serves as a mini-tutorials that shows you how to collect resources, build structures and use your army (e.g. Golems) to attack the Piglins. The other element of the game is its tower defence format as you build walls and towers around the towns that you are protecting to help slow the invasion. While you rely on your own manifested army, your hero can also directly attack the enemies, including their structures that is basically a limited hack ‘n’ slash.

Apart from protecting the various towns of this Minecraft universe, you also need to discover where the Piglins are coming which is generally their own base hidden somewhere in this diverse environment from forests to deserts any everything in between. By building spawners, you order them around, including engaging in the enemy or destroying one of their buildings, however there is a cap on the number you can create at one time. So as you may have guessed, this micro-management of defence and attack definitely keeps you busy.

Some of the Pinglins encampments are also located in hard to reach destinations such as areas surrounded by lava, however by building a stone bridge, this allows you and your army the ability to cross, hack away at their walls and then hopefully destroy their defences and spawners.

As you progress, there are some upgrades available, however for the most part, Minecraft Legends is an RTS-lite experience. Additionally there is a co-op and PvP option for those that want to take their Minecraft Legends experience to multiplayer.

Graphically, Minecraft Legends is well… Minecraft and it replicates this universe perfectly with its blocks, colours and lighting. Further, sound effects, music and voice acting goes hand in hand with the overall gaming mechanics. All in all, Minecraft Legends is a fun game on the Xbox Series X that pays homage to what has come before it.

Final Thoughts?

Minecraft Legends is an RTS-lite Minecraft experience that feels like Pikmin at times. While not the most difficult strategy game on the market, it will suit those gamers who love the Minecraft universe and will give you enough incentive and enjoyment to keep playing in the end. Once it’s all done and as the maps are procedurally created, you can start again for a slightly different experience.

Check it out!

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