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Might & Magic® Heroes® VII Trial By Fire Stand-Alone Expansion And Compete Edition Available

Ubisoft® has released Trial by Fire, the new stand-alone expansion for the turn-based strategy game Might & Magic Heroes VII. The Complete Edition of the game is also available now for Windows PC.

Trial by Fire features two original campaigns that take place five years after the events of Might & Magic Heroes VII. When Ivan, the recently crowned Emperor, is informed that Dwarven warbands are once again threatening his territory, he is ready to go to war to protect his people. But he also knows a new global conflict could bring the end of the Empire. Hoping to prevent such a tragic escalation, Vilma, leader of the Sudgerd Dwarves, comes to Ivan’s court as an ambassador. Her tale will shed light on some of the darkest chapters of the Dwarves’ history – and reveal the key to saving both of their peoples.

Adding more than 30 hours of gameplay, the expansion allows players to take control of the new Fortress Faction. As they embody legendary Dwarven heroes in a unique mountain environment, players get to see iconic new creatures such as the Red Dragons, Fire Giants and Valkyries. Players will also enjoy extra content, such as six additional skirmish maps and dozens of new artifacts, abilities and achievements. Trial by Fire is a compelling follow-up that allows both newcomers and longtime fans to enjoy the authentic Might & Magic Heroes experience.

The Complete Edition of Might & Magic Heroes VII is also available for purchase now. It includes the base game and the Trial by Fire expansion. Players will also be able to enjoy The Lost Tales of Axeoth, a two-campaign content piece that brings to life scripts originally written for Heroes of Might & Magic IV. In addition, a global update makes gameplay improvements available to all Might & Magic Heroes VII players.

For more information about Might & Magic Heroes VII: Trial by Fire, please visit the Might & Magic Heroes Official Website:

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