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MICF 2023: Stranger Than Fiction – Hosted by Cal Wilson with Mark Watson (UK), Michael Hing, Chris Parker (NZ), Josie Long (UK) & Laura Davis

MICF 2023: Stranger Than Fiction – Hosted by Cal Wilson with Mark Watson (UK), Michael Hing, Chris Parker (NZ), Josie Long (UK) & Laura Davis Tim Chuma

Summary: Was quite different even from the last show I had just been to which had one of the same people on it. Worth a look next time this event comes up if you like storytelling events.


Different but interesting

I decided to go see this one quite late in the week, my foot went to sleep at the State Library last week sitting on the chair so maybe not the best to go there again for a bit plus I have tapped out looking at the old newspapers for a bit.

A few years back I was the official photographer and webmaster for the Poetry Idol event around Melbourne and have enjoyed Ian Bland’s work on RRR FM with spoken word and Rob Snarski when he had readings in his shows. I did go to the Women of Letters show one time and more recently the Better Off Said event.

This was also a chance to see a bunch of people I knew I was not going to be able to see otherwise even if they weren’t going to be doing their normal material. The event runs semi-regularly during the year but I missed the last one for some reason. I keep meaning to go to Comedy Republic but don’t make it there.

Cal Wilson the MC told a story about her dear departed cat Pod and having to get an abscess drained from her hand when it bit it at the vets.

Laura Davis’ story was about house sitting and looking after a dog that turns into an adventure in itself.

Josie Long read a chapter from her new book that she had only in the past week recorded the audio book for. Due to not doing a reading before she misjudged the time and had to cut the end of it. The book sounds pretty good from what I heard.

Mark Watson also seemed to be riffing due to not having one his books on hand. Worked out pretty well and the audience was responsive to it. You have to be really confident to do that as it is a long time to fill if you do not have something prepared.

Chris Parker seemed to be very attentive to the limited time he had and his story about dating in his 20s was quite sweet and touching. Got one of the best reactions of the day.

Michael Hing’s story about doing a corporate gig dressed a leprechaun at an Irish Australian charity organisation on St Patrick’s day could have gone either way but it worked out well I thought.

Was a good show and I would consider going to the next one when it comes up. There are a few of these sorts of poetry and spoken word events around and this one does stand out due to having comics involved.


Show details:

Part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Comedy Republic, Saturday 15 April, 4:40pm



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