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MICF 2023: Murder Village: An Improvised Whodunnit Review @murder_village

MICF 2023: Murder Village: An Improvised Whodunnit Review @murder_village Tim Chuma

Summary: One of fans of murder mysteries and old English comedies. Suitable for a range of different ages if you want to take your parents.



I had seen this show on at the Butterfly Club the last couple of years but due to capacity restrictions and just not booking early enough it was sold out whenever I was there. I was not originally going to see it this year either but an opportunity presented itself and I had a spare night available.

Before the show you are shown a QR code in the bar while having a drink and asked to vote on various things like the murder victim, killer, murder weapon and clue and these are used in the story but the rest of it is improvised. I would think that the cast may veto some nights or they journalist would be the one that dies every time.

The characters are broad archetypes of those that would appear in a 1950s murder mystery story. They are the seamstress, BBC broadcaster, shifty “I’m a geezer” salesman and poet. There is a detective and an Agatha Christie type who serve as narrators of the story.

Having seen the Impromptunes show last week I was up for more of the same and this show is supposedly different every night. You can tell as much as when they are not on stage the rest of the cast stand behind a small screen, I know you are not meant to see it but I noticed when they would crack up at some of the lines even they were not expecting. I did particularly like that they made fun of the actor not lying on the ground to play the body this time.

The piano accompaniment works well during the show too but not sure if it was improvised as with the other show or just the same music each time.

I would recommend this one if you are a fan of mystery stories or old English dramas as it does mix several different genres together. I am sure this would do well if they took it over to Edinburgh festival but I have not heard if it has been.

As with the Impromptunes show this is also a good show you can take a family to or any older relatives and not have to worry about it being too adult or having questionable content.

A fun night out and special mention to the Butterfly Club staff who asked me if I was comfortable standing after seeing me with a walking stick (got too busy in the bar so I went out the back).


Show details:

Adult: All Tix $37.00

Concession: All Tix $33.00

Group (6+): All Tix $30.00

Tightarse Tuesday: $30.00

Early Bird: All Tix $28.00

Butterfly Club Member: All Tix $30.00



Mon 3 Apr – Thu 13 Apr: 8.30pm

The Butterfly Club Downstairs, 5 Carson Pl, Melbourne

60 Minutes

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