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MICF 2023: Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Nina Oyama, Tim Batt, Chloe Petts, Luke Heggie @ninaoyama #MICF

MICF 2023: Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Nina Oyama, Tim Batt, Chloe Petts, Luke Heggie @ninaoyama #MICF Tim Chuma

Summary: A lot of "funny at the time" but not sure how much of this will make it to Patreon. The first appearance of something that will not too.


Up and down

Morris House, Saturday 8th April 2023

There was a special bit at the start of the show that was for the live audience only. Kind of set the tone for this show as I am not show how much of it is actually going to make it to the Patreon this week.

Nina Oyama has finished her run and had only just gotten out of bed. A lot of “funny at the time” jokes from her today but not sure how many would be funny if you were not at the show.

I had sort of heard of Luke Heggie and only remembered Dan from A Rational Fear said he was going to see Tim Batt’s show last week.

Chloe Petts had just arrived to do her run at the comedy festival and did pretty good to roll with a lot of the jokes as for some reason people kept saying she was the person responsible for most of the things but it hardly ever was.

Cheers to Squirrel Comedy and her partner and all the other people who are doing the full run of these shows. I think some people are doing Dum Dum Club after but I have never actually listened to that show. Maybe for the last week I will hang around and have a drink with some people.

My favourite story for this week would have to be Tim Batt saying he bought all the domain names a church was going to use to advertise their political party.

I would have liked to see the show Nina Oyama and Jude Perl did but it has finished now. I am sure I will see the other people around. Wasn’t really anyone that this podcast made me want to go see their show this week but at least I know of them now.

See you next week and hopefully I will get my timing down even better for my run in.



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