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MICF 2023: Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Josh Earl, Lara Ricote, Mike Goldstein, Alex Ward, Guy Williams

MICF 2023: Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Josh Earl, Lara Ricote, Mike Goldstein, Alex Ward, Guy Williams Tim Chuma

Summary: While it was nice to go to the entire run of shows I will most likely not do that next year. Was a big finish to these series of shows.


The big finish

Morris House, Saturday 22nd April 2023

The final one of these shows for the festival (there was on at the Festival Club but it was on late during the week so I missed it) and the last one for a while as Josh has his other podcasts and work to get on with.

While it was good to go to all four weeks of this next year I maybe do not do that as it meant I had four weeks of committing to going into the city earlier in the day which is a pain in the arse. Also it meant I kind of had to hang around for longer before other shows.

I ended up giving Josh a card and a custom artwork based on the iconic “cock socks” promo image of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Josh in a sock as he mentions on the 100% Hits podcast a lot.

Josh and artwork (Baby Yoda card not shown)

The only comic I had heard of on the panel was Alex Ward as I remember hear from Have You Been Paying Attention and her ad is on RRR FM a lot at the moment. No matter it is good to be introduced to new people via this show.

Guy Williams immediately made a poor impression and came across as acting the goat. He did work in breakfast radio so that kind of explains it.

Lar Ricote was sweet and funny and along with Concetta Caristo from last year make me sad I wasn’t able to make her show. In particular the “Yeah..Naah” segment where she reacted to Guy Williams bullshitting was the best and you will not really get it if you listen to the audio on patreon.

Mike Goldstein was good enough, not sure if I would go to see him but he was the closest to Arj Barker they could get I suppose.

Due to Guy Williams complaining they decided to make the last question worth a lot more to raise the stakes and suitably it made the end of the show much more dramatic. If you were not there like with Mark Watson doing push-ups at the end of the Festival Club show you will not get the full experience but it will still be fun to listen to the audio later.

Overall it was a fun series of shows that I was happy to be able to do the full run of at least once. I didn’t end up staying for even one of the Dum Dum Club podcast recordings afterwards but then again I have never actually listened to that show. Kind of sucked they kicked everyone out every time as you couldn’t hang around. I ended up going next door to see a gig at Cherry Bar after this week as I had been to the State Library or walked around the city enough by this point.


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