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MICF 2022: Fern Brady Autistic Bikini Queen (UK) Review

MICF 2022: Fern Brady Autistic Bikini Queen (UK) Review Tim Chuma

Summary: One for fans of old school blue comedy and if you are not easily embarassed sit in the front row and you could end up being part of the show.


Working blue

Max Watts, Saturday 16th April 2022

I had seen Fern Brady on one of the Gala specials on the ABC so was interested in seeing her even though I usually do not see that many of the big headliners or overseas acts most of the time.

As Fern Brady said herself their may be a reference to autism in the show title but that was only due to having to have the name of the show so early before the show is even written. She had only received her diagnosis for autism late last year and simply has not had enough time to process it as yet into a full show about that one thing.

One thing she mentioned early in the show was that she was a stripper in Edinburgh back in 2006 but this show is also not about her experiences as a stripper and there have already been shows about that quite recently so it wouldn’t be that new these days.

There was a heap of sex talk in the show often to the embarrassment of a lot of the audience as they did not expect to have someone be so frank about it. Old mate next to me who I talked to after he dropped his bottle of Coke No Sugar before the show (fizz bomb), ended up on stage at the end of the show as I think Fern got him up deliberately as he was cringing through parts of the show.

A lot of the audience were quite chatty during the show especially some of the Scottish people who made it (also quite drunk), Fern was up for that too as she would have seen every time of appalling behaviour in her old job.

I didn’t have any trouble understanding her accent as I hung out at a backpacker pub for a few years down in St Kilda from 2004 to 2009. Not sure why people would be so nasty towards someone who merely has an accent but then again people have trouble understanding me for some reason.

A lot the show was very crass but given Australian’s history of blue comedy with Rodney Rude and Kevin Bloody Wilson this show would play well out touring the pubs and clubs if she wanted to come back and do more shows.

Fern does really like Australia and going to gyms and walking here. Given recent history about women walking alone at night in Melbourne I would advise her to think again about that particular part.

It was a funny show and I would recommend it if you have a thick skin but would not recommend sitting near the front of the room in case she singles you out.


Show details:

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Mon $33.00

Wed & Thu $33.00

Fri & Sat $35.00

Sun $33.00


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Mon $32.00

Wed & Thu $32.00

Sun $32.00



Mon $31.00

Wed & Thu $31.00

Sun $31.00


Tightarse Tuesday: $29.00

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Times and dates:

9pm, 8pm, 9.30pm, 8.30pm, 7.45pm

Thu 31 Mar – Sat 2 Apr: 9pm;

Sun 3 Apr: 8pm;

Tue 5 Apr – Sat 9 Apr: 9pm;

Sun 10 Apr: 8pm;

Tue 12 Apr & Wed 13 Apr: 9pm

Mantra on Russell – Mantra One, 222 Russell St, Melbourne


Thu 14 Apr – Sat 16 Apr: 9.30pm;

Sun 17 Apr: 8.30pm

Max Watt’s, 125 Swanston St (opp Town Hall), Melbourne


Mon 18 Apr: 7.45pm

Melb Town Hall – Lower Town Hall, 100 Swanston St, Melbourne

Lengths: 60 Minutes

This show contains: Occasional coarse language, sex references, suicide/self-harm refences



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