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Meet JDM: Rise of the Scorpion

JDM: Rise of the Scorpion will be released this summer 2024. It’s a one and only introduction to the world of the upcoming racing game JDM: Japanese Drift Master. Discover the beginning of the story of the titular “Scorpion” through a story guided by manga panels. Compete, drift, and race on miles of diverse roads and winding mountain tracks.


Experience an amazing story

Take on the role of Hatori “Scorpion” Hasashi, who comes from a traditional Japanese family. Race through towns along the scenic Haikama Lake to become one of the best racers in the area.

Meet the characters

Hatori is an exemplary student with a rebellious nature who is popular at his high school. However, his parents’ excessive expectations have taught him that any defeat is a stain on his honor that he cannot afford. He takes the rules he learned at home with him to the racetrack, where his arrogance makes him despise anyone who challenges his skills.

In the prologue, you will meet characters such as Aoi, Hatori’s girlfriend, a car enthusiast who is always at his side. Ayumi, a rich friend from a private school, often accompanies him on races. Kaori, an artistic soul who works in a nearby paint shop. Satoru, who becomes a source of intense competition for Scorpion on the track.

JDM: Rise of the Scorpion is a one and only introduction to the story that will continue in the full version of the game. The storyline presented in a form of manga panels will connect both titles.

Explore new locations

JDM: Rise of the Scorpion opens up access to a previously unseen area of the JDM demo. The new winding roads provide the perfect environment to practice and hone your driving skills.

❖ The areas available in the game are not only landmarks but also the source of new adventures and challenges. With the introduction of locations such as the school building, Aoi’s house, and the Hasashi family estate, players will have the opportunity to get to know the characters from the prologue.

❖ A dynamic weather system adds an unpredictable element to the racing experience. Sudden downpours, dense fog, or clear sunny days not only change the appearance of the game world but also affect the performance of the cars.

❖ With the cycle of day and night, every ride will be unique in its own way. Riding under the cover of darkness, in the glare of local shop lights, or at sunrise will be a completely different experience and challenge.

Test a new car

Get behind the wheel of a new car, fast like a scorpion’s attack. Gradually unlock the full potential of your vehicle with upgrades. Test its capabilities by racing against other racers through the narrow streets of the city and the winding roads of the mountains.

Feel the taste of competition

Face Ayumi, Satoru, and the other heroes of the prologue on the track, as they take risks and always strive for perfection. Their vehicles, adapted to their individual driving styles, will be your obstacles on the road to victory!

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