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McAfee Research – majority of consumers think device security isn’t their responsibility


  • More than half (58%) of consumers don’t believe they are responsible for ensuring their devices are properly secured
  • Of this 58%, respondents are shifting responsibility among the device manufacturer (27%), IT staff (22%) and regulatory bodies (9%). Only 42% of consumers consider themselves accountable when it comes to device security

As new devices are released at CES, new McAfee data highlights that the majority of consumers (58%) believe that the responsibility for securing devices should fall to third parties. In fact, 27% believe that executives at consumer technology companies should take responsibility for their gadgets being secured.

It seems that even 22% of consumers would welcome oversight from IT staff and 9% believe that regulatory bodies should be involved to ensure device security.

“Despite all the news surrounding vulnerabilities of the connected things we are bringing into our homes, it’s interesting to see consumers pass the buck when it comes to securing their products,” said Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist, McAfee. “Manufacturers must do more to ensure that they are offering devices that include security is built in from the start, versus as an afterthought, but consumers themselves must also take responsibility to help safeguard their own security.”

With new products being released at CES, consumer excitement will be higher than ever. With the excitement, it will be important to ensure the newest flashy gadgets are as safe and secure as they are innovative.

Top tips for consumers to celebrate, not suffer, from CES excitement:

  • Do the little things. Cybercriminals don’t have to be great at what they do to steal your personal information. Minor tactics like changing default passwords right away and using a unique password can go a long way to prevent your personal information from being stolen.
  • Research before you buy. Look up products and the manufacturer before you buy. This simple step could save you from purchasing one with a known security vulnerability. If you find a manufacturer doesn’t have a history of taking security seriously, then it’s best to avoid.
  • Stay aware even after you purchase. New threats are emerging all the time and they don’t stop after you own the device. Keep up on the latest scams and warning signs, so you know what to look out for while enjoying the new gadget.
  • Apply updates when available. When the applications or firmware your connected things need to be updated be sure to do it as soon as possible. Most of these updates include security fixes to vulnerabilities.

About the research

McAfee ran a Twitter poll asking respondents who’s job they think it is to ensure they’re properly secured whilst using devices. The poll ran across October-November 2018 and secured more than 2,000 responses.

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