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Published on January 9th, 2023 | by Chris O'Connor

Marvel’s Ironman VR Meta Quest 2 Review

Marvel’s Ironman VR Meta Quest 2 Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: With one of the most natural fits for VR, Marvel's Ironman is more fun than Jarvis would approve of.


I'm Ironman!

Most of us have enjoyed the phrase “I am Ironman”… that sense of self confidence as Tony Stark declared to the world that he was in fact the latest superhero. Well… now you can make that phrase your own as you suit up and prepare to be Ironman in VR!

Given the nature of Ironman… the whole being encased in a head to toe suit, experiencing that in VR feels like a natural fit… the headset ends up just feeling like it’s part of the suit and the heads up display is just what we are used to seeing floating in front of our eyes. The hand controllers work reasonably seamlessly to mimic the real Ironman’s gestures to perform certain actions.

Not only is the actual tactile sense of being Ironman awesome… but we also get an interesting story to boot. But it’s not the story you really want the game for… it’s the chance to be Ironman! If you remember the first Ironman movie when Tony is just starting to make the first main suit (so not the cobbled together cave version) and he first tries flying in his garage… your first time flying is going to feel very much like that. Flight controls are just like in the movie… ie the direction your palm faces is the opposite to where you will go, so if you want to fly up you face your palm to the ground. All of this can be done from a seated position… but arguably it is much more comfortable in a standing position (thought using thumbsticks for turning was certainly my preference).

You start out with just the basics… flight and the hand beams… as you progress you will unlock upgrades which will enable you to add more functionality (or simply armaments) to your suit. The game has plenty of training options so you can get a feel for the flight basics and any upgrades you add before taking them into the field.

The voice acting is pretty decent and the Robert Downey Jnr. impression is pretty decent. Personally I’m happy with the different Pepper Potts and though the A.I. helpers are a bit cartoony… they serve their purpose. It’s a little disappointing not hearing Jarvis while in flight… but you get used to the different character and they are a welcome voice as you try to take on Ghost and her drone army.

It’s really not a tough choice here… if you love the idea of donning the suit and being Ironman (if just in a Virtual world) then grab a copy. Even if you just like the idea of a VR personal flight suit based game… this will likely still scratch your itch. A high quality game with a high quality IP… Grab your copy and suit up!

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