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Marvel Universe Live Review (Melbourne Australia 2024) @MarvelOnTour @FeldEnt

Marvel Universe Live is produced by Feld Entertainment (Disney on Ice) who deliver an entertaining live spectacular with some of the world’s most definitive superheroes. Taking its cues from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this production brings together The Avengers (Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, The Hulk, Captain America), The Guardians of the Galaxy (Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Drax, Gamora) plus everyone’s favourite web slinger, Spider-Man as they attempt to save both Asgard and Earth from the nefarious God of Mischief Loki who threatens to rule them all if he recovers an ancient artifact, the Wand of Watoomb!

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Joining this powerhouse of heroes is Iron Fist, Black Panther and Doctor Strange who travel across Earth and also to other planets, however the situation is made worse when Thanos’ adopted daughter Nebula has her own agenda that the heroes must contend with. There’s even some additional cameos along the way as our superheroes team-up in classic comic book fashion to save the universe.

Avengers…and friends…ASSEMBLE! –Captain America

While campy and cheesy at times, Marvel Universe Live is a fun journey through the Marvel Universe that is filled with stunts, special effects and some really standout moments such as Spider-Man swinging on his web to a larger than life Groot, including a towering green Hulk. Fire, explosions, sound effects help transcend the show into an almost Hollywood blockbuster.

There is also a great scene with the Chinese New Year celebrations, including Dragons as two artists perform the Aerial Silks before the party is interrupted by Loki himself. Besides the impressive special effects, the stars are the artists dressed as our favourite heroes who help tell the story of this particular installment of Marvel Universe Live. Additionally the choreography is fun to watch, especially the artists whose costumes are drawn from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Further, the giant video projection and lighting also helps with key moments in the story and while the narrative is a little messy here and there, it is of course based on heroes who fly and can lift cars – so leave your disbelief at the door because this show is all about entertainment.

Final Thoughts?

Marvel Universe Live is a great family outing, especially for those who love the Marvel variety of superheroes. It’s filled with action, adventure, special effects, stunts and larger than life performances who help bring some of Marvel Comics greatest to the stage.

Marvel Universe Live Trailer

Marvel Universe Live Australian dates and venues

  • Thu 4 Apr – Sun 7 Apr 2024 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, QLD
  • Fri 12 Apr – Mon 15 Apr 2024 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, VIC
  • Fri 19 Apr – Mon 22 Apr 2024 – Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, NSW
  • Fri 26 Apr – Sun 28 Apr 2024 – Adelaide Entertainment Centre Arena, SA

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