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Millarworld, home to Mark Millar’s award-winning series from Wanted to Big Game, Nemesis, Jupiter’s Legacy, The Magic Order, and many more, is moving house to Dark Horse Comics! The extensive publishing partnership will include collections of previously published material as well as five new series in 2024 including a Nemesis comic series, Nemesis: Rogues’ Gallery, and other titles yet to be announced. There will also be plenty of new editions collecting past series for longtime fans of Millar’s work and for new fans to discover.

The collaboration will begin with new trade paperback editions of The Magic Order Volumes 1 and 2 (of 5), the thrilling dark fantasy series based on Mark’s next major live-action Netflix series. Mark Millar is joined by artists Olivier Coipel and Dave Stewart in this first volume, and Stuart Immonen, Sunny Gho and David Curiel for the second volume.

Following that release, the entire Nemesis: Reloaded arc will be presented in one volume with artist Jorge Jiménez, and colorist Giovanna Niro. Also getting a new Dark Horse edition will be Night Club Volume 1 with artwork provided by Juanan Ramirez.

Signature oversized hardcover Dark Horse Library Editions featuring Millar’s boundless worlds will also be available, collecting other popular works. The Wanted & Big Game Library Edition arrives first, featuring the art of JG Jones and Paul Mounts, (Wanted) and Pepe Larraz and Giovanna Niro (Big Game), with Library Editions of The Ambassadors and The Magic Order and many more to follow later on.

This is just the start of what readers can expect from this vast partnership as four other new series are scheduled for 2024 and 2025. Stay tuned for more details to be announced!

“Can I just say that I’ve been a Dark Horse fan since the beginning, and this has been a decades long love affair finally consummated?” said Mark Millar. “I’ve loved what Mike and the team have been doing for years and so many of my friends are over there having a great time. I really just wanted to join the party and not only haul my massive, shelf-groaning library with me, but also commit to several years of really exciting stuff in the wake of our Big Game crossover event. We’re launching five new titles in 2024, all of which will be revealed on March 21. Beyond this, I’m working hard on the 2025 launches right now, four completely new series you’re going to love. This feels like a partnership made in heaven already and now the strikes are over and the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror, we can start to roll out all the associated shows and movies at Netflix too. I’m buzzing, but this might just be the booze.”

“I’ve admired Mark’s work for years and I’m very excited to bring his Millarworld of stories to Dark Horse,” said Dark Horse President Mike Richardson. “Mark’s world-building and character creation has put him at the forefront of the comics industry and we couldn’t be happier about welcoming him and his team to Dark Horse. As a big fan, I’m looking forward to seeing what surprises he has in store for us.”

About The Magic Order Volume 1:

We live in a world where we’ve never seen a monster, and The Magic Order is the reason we sleep safely in our beds. By day, they live among us as our neighbors, friends, and co-workers, but by night they are the sorcerers, magicians, and wizards that protect us from the forces of darkness, unless the darkness gets them first.

Magic meets the Mob in the 184-page The Magic Order Volume 1 (of 5), as five families of magicians sworn to protect our world for generations must battle an enemy who’s picking them off one by one. Pre-order from bookstorecomic shop, and Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $19.99. The first trade paperback volume is set to arrive in bookstores on June 25, 2024 and comic shops June 26, 2024. The Magic Order Volume 2 (176 pages) is also available for pre-order from AmazonBarnes and Noble, and your local bookstore or comic shop  for $19.99. It arrives in bookstores on August 13, 2024 and comic shops August 14, 2024.

About Nemesis: Reloaded:

The world’s most evil comic book character is back! Who is Nemesis, and why does this eccentric billionaire who dresses up in a mask and cape want to terrorize people instead of helping them? Isn’t that how this is supposed to go? Trigger warning: Too

violent and just too cool for some! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The 144-page Nemesis: Reloaded arrives in bookstores on July 9, 2024 and comic shops on July 10, 2024. Pre-order at your local comic shopbookstore, or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble  for $19.99.

About Night Club:

You’re 17 years old and you’ve been bitten by a vampire. Do you live in the shadows and drink human blood, or do you use your newfound gifts for the dream costumed-superhero life you’ve always wanted? You’re bulletproof, you can crawl up walls, and you can turn to mist or bats. Why not have a little fun?

Pre-order Night Club Volume 1 in paperback and enjoy the 176-page first arc of the bestselling horror series in bookstores on July 30, 2024 and comic shops on July 31, 2024. Get it from your local bookstorecomic shopAmazon or Barnes and Noble  for $19.99.

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