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Welcome to Impulse Gamer Mark and tell us what inspired you to join NICA?

After performing for my school “Cirkus Surreal” in Bathurst NSW for my entire High School career I discovered my love for performing. A couple of hundred performances nationally and internationally will do that to you. After all being on stage is the best experience life has to offer in my opinion and what a better way to spend your life? So moment I heard of NICA I was hooked.

You specialize in handstands and the aerial hoop how did you choose these fields?

In Highschool I specialized in Aerial Hoop, I even became runner up on a certain remake of Young Talent Time performing on the ring. So when I stepped into NICA I knew it would be the apparatus for me. However we need two specialties at NICA, and after almost giving up on finding the right one the head of circus Guong Rong Lu saw me training handstands in our basics class. He asked me to trial hand balancing with him. Since then my passion has been handstands, it’s why I’ve chosen to perform hand balancing in our Showcase.

What’s the most challenging routine that you have done so far?

Definitely my showcase routine. I suffered from hand and back injuries because of my routine, this took me out of commission for nearly six weeks if you include that nasty cold I had in March. Because of all this my endurance went down and I lost a lot of my strength and timing in my handstands. Luckily NICA has an amazing couple of physiotherapist who were able to put me right.


LAST ORDERS! … can you tell us what the audience can expect?

I think the audience should expect to see young circus artists coming into their own. The Showcase as had a lot of blood sweat and tears poured into it! Come with expectations to have a good laugh and see some amazing skills- also the transitions between the acts are just dazzling.

What is the most difficult aspect about being in LAST ORDERS!

To be completely honest, after imagining what your showcase would be like for the last two years a lot of anxiety builds up in the months coming onto showcase. You begin to ask yourself “Am I good enough”, “Did I train hard enough?” “Will people think I am any good?”

But all those questions come hand in hand for any performer.

Most rewarding?

For me personally the most rewarding aspect of my showcase experience is seeing my fellow classmates really come together and support each other. We have shared a lot in the last six months, cried a bit and hugged it out. After all this is a pretty stressful year for a NICA student.

Can you tell us what your favorite act is in LAST ORDERS!?

It is hard to choose a favorite act because I love everyone in my class. But two performers I look up to are Simone Sallé and Elke Uhd.

Simone is the clown for our audience, she will probably make you pull a rib muscle from laughing. Every movement she makes with her body, even those positively miniscule or on a subconscious level make you wonder how such a small woman can steal such a large show.

Elke Uhd’s act is an example of what happens when someone works hard to achieve their goals. The physicality behind each skills and movement on her trapeze is unique to her and the audience will be lost in her grace on the bar. There is a reason why we’ve saved her to close the show!

Once you have finished at NICA, what does the future hold for you?

Ah…THAT QUESTION. Believe me I have been constantly, insanely and compulsively been thinking of that question for the last three years. There are a hundred possible answers to that question.

Hopefully after NICA I will have a diverse and fulfilling circus career. I plan to audition for as many great companies around Australia and the world as I can.

You’ll have to just wait and see.

Thanks again Mark and all the best for LAST ORDERS!

Photo credits – Aaron Walker Photography (headshot) & David Wyatt (neck hang)

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