Published on March 11th, 2023 | by Tim Chuma

Mario Kart Live @ Retreat Hotel, Friday 10th March 2023 Review

Mario Kart Live @ Retreat Hotel, Friday 10th March 2023 Review Tim Chuma

Summary: While this was fun to go to check out you would get more out of it if you go along with friends or are super into Ninentdo or video games in general.



After being out four out of seven days the previous week I was not planning on doing anything until the Sunday afternoon. In fact after an incident at the train station coming home the previous Friday and realising it was Moomba weekend coming up I had cancelled what I was going to do on the upcoming Saturday.

I heard about this listening to my usual post-lunch listening to the bluegrass show on PBS FM when it was mentioned in the ad for the venue. It did sound interesting enough for me to reverse my original decision so I booked the next day.

Although I do not own a Nintendo console I remember having the Wii Sports nights at my local during the mid-2000s and apparently a lot of 20 year olds do too considering the age of the crowd that turned up.

There was an 11 piece band on stage with a screen behind them and the main game screen in the middle of the floor with four steering wheel Wii controllers in front of it. Entry to each race was via a raffle as everyone who came through the door got a raffle ticket for their entry.

The sound on the game was turned down but the band played the intro, course theme and when special items where used by the band leader calling them out. Also they played faster in the final lap.

For my round I would say I had “alternative success” these kids would have muscle memory for the Wii Mario Kart tracks, unfair!

I ended up staying until a bit into the second half as it got a bit the same after a while as they would set up and race and then go into the next one. It would be better if you went with friends or were more into Nintendo like a couple of the audience seemed to be who came dressed up.






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