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The Making of War Knows No Nation

May 13, 2016 — Wargaming is excited to take viewers behind-the-scenes of how they revived history with the innovative “War Knows No Nation” 360° experience. The video, released May 2, brings to life the memories of three veteran World War II tankers and gives people the chance to experience history from a completely new angle.

In the “Making of”, Wargaming experts discuss the secrets to creating the immersive viewing experience of “War Knows No Nation”, from directing the filming process to the gripping CGI scenes in panoramic format—a first for a historical video. Viewers will learn how Wargaming utilised 360° cameras, custom rigging and innovative film techniques to give each viewer a front seat to World War II history.

To go behind-the-scenes of “War Knows No Nation”, please follow the link:

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