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Published on July 29th, 2021 | by Kevin Mwenda

Lucky Devil #1 Review

Lucky Devil #1 Review Kevin Mwenda
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Summary: A great introduction to the Lucky Devil series. Great characterization of the protagonist, Stanley, whose personality is complimented by the Zed’s. Their contrasting personalities is comedic and drives the narrative and events in the story.


Zed's Atrocities

Contains SPOILERS!!!

Brief Summary

Lucky Devil revolves around a really unlucky man, Stanley, and a devil, Zed, who possessed him. In Lucky Devil #1,  the reader quickly learns how unlucky he is where in addition to be unlucky at home and work , he is possessed by a rather powerful demon. On one side, Stanley is quiet and introverted, leads a miserable life at home and work. His fortunes, or rather misfortunes, run deep where some powerful devil also possesses him. On the other side, the devil is all-powerful, seems to have many powers, including mind control and many others. Unlike Stanley, the devil in his life is funny, ironic and seems not to care for all the “atrocities” he is running around causing and does not seems to feel any guilt for his actions. In response to his “condition,” Stanley enlists the services of an exorcist. However, the exorcism goes wrong, leaving some unintended consequences where the devil gets cast out into the world, as Stanley retains all its powers.

Final Thoughts

Lucky Devil #1 does not follow the usual possession stories seen in films or other horror-driven narratives. The twist in this narrative, where Stanley possesses the Devil powers, is what drives it, and I’m left with a few questions. What will Stanley do next? Will he be able to overcome his humanity and take full control, or will he succumb to the pressure?

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