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Lost Gardens #1 Review (2022)

Lost Gardens #1 Review (2022) Tim Chuma

Summary: Worth a look if you are into dystopian future stories with original characters different to just a franchise.



Shawn Myers’ life is starting to break down as his upgrades are out of date and the false reality sold by Etheon Corporation relies on the implants to function. When he gets upset and tries to lash out he ends up in jail temporarily and decides to risk it all by taking the bullet train out of town for the chance of a new life.

With Cyberpunk 2077 being popular in the last few years and even having its own comic series people forget that even a faulty contact lens can reduce your quality of life to basically zero. Having embedded parts that break down and require updating is something that will end in tears. There is a reason why medical implants cost so much as they are built to last.

Having a functional public health system in Australia does make this story harder to relate to but in the USA it would resonate more as it is not too much different now with the insurance and pharmaceutical companies having the power over people’s lives.

Some of the themes feel like they have been done before in different formats but it is a new character and always more difficult to do something new than doing a spinoff.

Worth a look if you like the cyberpunk or dystopian stories and want to see more of where it goes.

Comic details:

Writer: James Babineau

Artist: Caius Schereiner

Cover Art: Debora Lancianese


Published: Sep 07, 2022

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