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Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 Review

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 comes with a fantastic design, flawless wireless capabilities with a battery life that will ensure your work won't be impeded.

Silence is bliss

If you’re seeking a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, then look no further as Logitech have just released their Signature Slim Combo MK950 that … spoiler alert, delivers excellent performanc, ergonomics with silent keys and buttons that makes it perfect for multitasking during those tedious zoom meetings. That’s right, you can now type silently during online meetings and phone calls without the clicking sound of the keyboard.

The MK950 is also available in two colours, graphite (black) and white to suit your home or office aesthetics. We checked out the white version which looks fantastic and I love the slimline design of the keyboard. Additionally it comes with everything you need to connect it to your PC that includes a Logi Bolt USB receiver if your system does not support Bluetooth. The only other part of the formula is the Windows app, however this software is discretional.

However let’s talk about the elephant in the room when it comes to wireless technology.

Battery life is the kryptonite of wireless devices, however this is definitely not the case with the Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 as the keyboard with its included 2 x AAA batteries can last up to 36-months and the mouse with its also included 1 x AA battery, up to 24-months which is impressive to say the least. Having used wireless Logitech devices in the past, I can concur that their battery life technology is unparalleled when compared to its competitors.

The wireless distance also boasts a range of up to 10 metres that with the battery life, ticks all the right boxes for this technology. I also like the soft keys on the keyboard that are super quiet as are the buttons on the mouse which is very lightweight at just 76.3 grams. All in all, both products are well-designed and super lightweight.

Unboxing Gallery

As you can see from the below photos, the Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 is quite a stylish keyboard and mouse which definitely sets itself apart from other designs in the market. As mentioned, the white colouring makes it quite distinct as well.

While the MK950 is designed for productivity, both the mouse and keyboard are very responsive. The MK950 mouse boasts a DPI of 1000 with a maximum setting of 4000. Further, the mouse supports quiet click and scrolling, with 6-buttons and a scroll-wheel with the buttons being left/right click, scroll wheel middle click, side buttons, DPI and power on/off.

There is also a battery indicator to let you know if it’s time to replace the batteries. Equally there is a light on the keyboard with slightly larger and softer keys than traditional keyboards. Oh… it’s even has a low carbon footprint thanks to Logitech’s sustainability policies. Again, both excellent designs from Logitech which makes it perfect for real-world usage.

What about setup? As soon as I turned the keyboard on, our Dell laptop immediately detected both the keyboard and the mouse. The only additional step was once it detected the keyboard, I was required to enter a 5-digit code to establish connectivity. If you don’t have Bluetooth, you do need to use the included USB dongle and you can connect this combo to three different operating systems. However to take full advantage of the keyboard / mouse, you need to install Logi Options+ that allows you to customise keys and shortcuts in order to boost your productivity.

After using this keyboard religiously for the last few weeks – the Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 didn’t miss a beat that is not only a super quiet keyboard and mouse but excellent to type with and use all apps on my notebook, whether this was Excel, Teams (ugh), Photoshop, Surfing the Internet, Online Shopping or writing reports… a truly flawless experience. Equally ergonomics are faultless and the mouse felt good in your hands. Best of all, setup is virtually non-existent and both the mouse the keyboard come with a stellar battery life! And yes, I did try some gaming and again, the MK950 succeeds at delivering a very sturdy wireless experience that really allows you to cut the cords!



Technical Specifications

Battery Keyboard

Battery Mouse

Keyboard (additional specs)

Mouse (additional specs)

Sensor Technology

  • Logitech Advanced Optical
  • Nominal value: 1000 DPI
  • DPI (Minimal and maximal value): 400-4000 DPI (can be set in increments of 100 DPI)

Connection type support

  • Logi Bolt USB receiver (included)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Technology (Bluetooth 5.1)


Warranty Information

  • 1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

For more information please visit https://www.logitech.om/en-au/products/combos/signature-slim-mk950.html

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