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Logitech G713 Gaming Keyboard Review @LogitechG_ANZ

Logitech G713 Gaming Keyboard Review @LogitechG_ANZ Adrian Gunning

Summary: Logitech G713 Gaming Keyboard is pure style and speed!



The G713 from Logitech is from their Aurora Collection that boasts low-key vibes with high-key performance that translates to fast execution plus stunning aesthetics which would not look out of place on your streaming PC or gaming rig… it also looks damn impressive in your office as well! Like other Logitech keyboards, it comes with all the features you would expect from this company that includes RGB lighting (keys and peripheral), dedicated media keys, USB-C connectivity and highly responsive GX (mechanical) switches that ensures your keystrokes are immediately recorded thanks to its performance driven technology.

Furthermore, the Logitech G713 is available in three different GX switches that include Brown, Blue and Red in order to suit your preferred style of play.

  • Logitech GX Red Mechanical Switches
    Linear actuation is great for double-tapping, rapid keystrokes in succession, and uninterrupted half-presses. Linear switches are ideal for MMO and action games.
  • Logitech GX Blue Mechanical Switches
    GX Blue switches feature audible, tactile feedback just like traditional gaming switches. They’re ideal for those who love that familiar “clicky” feel.
  • Logitech GX Brown Mechanical Switches
    GX Brown switches offer minimal feedback through actuation to ensure confidence and precision in the actuation moment without being too loud or distracting. Tactile switches are ideal for competitive and first-person shooter games.

As its part of the Aurora Collection, this means you can match this keyboard with other devices from this range that includes the G735 Headset and G705 Gaming Mouse which all share that distinct look and colouring to really add a distinct style to all your gaming needs. There is even a wireless version of this keyboard available with the G715. In terms of design, it comes with a compact mechanical TKL keyboard layout with adjustable height plus a very comfortable cloud-shaped palm rest. The keyboard measures 370.6mm (length) x 157mm (width) x 37.2mm (height) with a weight of 962.5 grams.

Key Features

  • Cloud-soft Comfort: Float away with the dreamy G713 white gaming keyboard with comfy, cloud-shaped palm rest, compact TKL mechanical keyboard layout and adjustable height give that good game feeling, all-day long
  • Lovely Lighting: Per-key and perimeter Logitech LIGHTSYNC RGB backlight with preloaded Play Mood animations and the Aurora Collection signature lighting; customise your RGB keyboard’s lighting on Logitech G HUB
  • Always On: You’re always ready to play, simple and worry-free, with this wired gaming keyboard with USB-C connectivity
  • Gaming-Grade Tech: Let the good games begin on this Logitech gaming keyboard with your choice of GX switches, ultra-responsive, USB-wired play and full media controls at your fingertips
  • Make It Yours: Complete your custom Logitech mechanical keyboard’s look with keycaps and top plates in multiple colourways, including Pink Dawn and Green Flash; sold separately
  • From The Aurora Collection: The Logitech RGB gaming gear plays best together; the G713 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, G735 Headset and G705 Gaming Mouse share the same inclusive design and dreamy aesthetic; gaming accessories sold separately

Superbly packed from Logitech, the first thing that you notice about this keyboard is the overall build quality that feels like it could outlast all your gaming battles. The other highlight is the colour… this keyboard is really white and so much nicer than the standard black colouring. Additionally it has a very cool but more importantly super comfortable cloud shaped palm rest that nicely allows you to rest your palms and wrists on them. Also supporting the design is the TKL (tenkeyless) layout which means no number pad so a smaller keyboard, yet still full-sized keys plus media controls.


Number of Keys 87
Switch Type Mechanical
Mechanical Switch Type GX Brown Tactile
Actuation Force 50 g
Travel Distance 0.2″ / 4 mm
Dedicated Multimedia Keys Yes
Dedicated Macro Keys None
Windows Lock Key No

If you want to take your keyboard to the next level with visuals, you need to install the Logitech G HUB software where you can control the RGB (LIGHTSYNC) lighting to create some impressive colours (up to 16.8 million) and effects, including responsive “play moods” that reflect your emotions while you play. The Logitech G HUB software is also easy to use and more importantly doesn’t clutter or slow your system down. While each key is illuminated, the G713 has perimeter lighting that creates a glow around the border of the keyboard which looks totally cool in a darkened room. There are also onboard effects that can be changed with the following combinations;

Brightness + 1 = Rainbow > right
Brightness + 2 = Rainbow > left
Brightness + 3 = Rainbow center out
Brightness + 4 = Rainbow ^ up
Brightness + 5 = Color cycle
Brightness + 6 = Keystroke ripple
Brightness + 7 = Breathing cyan
Brightness + 8 = Custom lighting effect
Brightness + 9 = Custom lighting effect
Brightness + 0 = Solid cyan
Brightness + – = Animation slower
Brightness + = = Animation faster

Unboxing Gallery

Once installed, the keyboard felt great for typing and I didn’t miss a beat. I also love the smaller profile with 87-keys which gives more desktop space. As we tested the Brown Switches, games such as Call of Duty Warzone, Fornite and World of Warcraft were a treat to play on this keyboard and more importantly, recorded accurate and fast keystrokes. While the keyboard is white, it does support doubleshot PBT keycaps for additional durability. Oh… keys can be changed as the faceplate to add additional colour to your life. So if you’re looking to game in style and game fast, the Logitech G713 Gaming Keyboard fits that criteria perfectly.

Final Thoughts?

The Logitech G713 Gaming Keyboard is an impressive keyboard from Logitech that is not only extremely responsive for all your gaming needs but it adds some visually impressive effects to this very stylish peripheral. If you’re a streamer or gamer and looking for something a little left out of the centre, then the Logitech G713 Gaming Keyboard will certainly meet your needs.

Your keyboard just got style!

For more information, please visit https://www.logitechg.com/en-au/products/gaming-keyboards/g713-tkl-mechanical-gaming-keyboard.920-010427.html

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