Published on April 30th, 2023 | by James Wright

Logan’s Big Move Book Review

Logan’s Big Move Book Review James Wright

Summary: Logan’s Big Move is all about big dreams and never giving up


Biking dreams

From Olympic Gold medalist Logan Martin with Jess Black and Shane McG comes Logan’s Big Move! This book is about Logan, a young lion cub who is moving into a new home. While Logan helps his family move into their new house, he and his brother go exploring where they find a skate park and the brothers could not be more amazed at the tricks of skaters and bike riders.

That night Logan asks his dad for a BMX for Christmas but thankfully a local called Big Rex loans one of his old bikes to him until then. Unfortunately for Logan riding a bike is harder than it seems and while he falls and crashes time and time again, he persists and until he eventually decides to give the skate park a challenge… and just like before, he wipes out.

However our little rider is persistent and with some additional mentoring from Big Rex and his determination, he doesn’t give up which makes for a great message for children. Additionally the book is very well written and is spectacularly illustrated which creates a very engaging story from start to finish. The book also ends with a short history about Olympian Logan Martin himself and how his BMX journey became.

All in all a great book for younger children.


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