Published on May 6th, 2020 | by Adrian Gunning

Liverpool Catholic Club chooses Epson LightScene projection solution

Liverpool Catholic Club, one of the bigger clubs in Sydney’s western suburbs, recently completed some significant renovations, part of which included a unique theatre and cinema space and for which they chose and installed an Epson LightScene projection solution.

Liverpool Catholic Club Admin & IT Manager Gary Parisi​ explained, “We were looking for a seriously good projection feature to add value on the walls in the new theatre so we asked our AV supplier IPG and they suggested Epson LightScene projectors.”

The club eventually purchased six Epson LightScene projectors to help light the theatre’s walls with clever designs, including some rare unique stained glass window images.

Parisi continued, “We wanted to add something extra in our theatre on the walls. We wanted to use what used to be free space to place everything from company logos, movies posters, advertising through to stained glass effects. The Epson LightScene solutions fulfilled our requirements by given us the ability to easily project and manage still images and video content on our bare walls. They couldn’t be more flexible or straightforward.”

Epson Australia’s LightScene EV-100 Series is a new type of projector that has been created to blend into the background with a sleek, conventional lighting design. Available in black or white, the 2,000-lumen WXGA EV-100 can work as either a projector or a spotlight without distracting viewers from the subject.

The LightScene EV-100’s unobtrusive design is ideal for curated visual environments such as clubs, retail showrooms, shop window displays, museum exhibits and art installations, where minimal visual clutter is key. It can be used to provide information, show video or moving patterns, and even projection map imagery onto small objects.

The Liverpool Catholic Club also uses the LightScene solution for companies they partner and associate with to be able to project their logos. When showing movies, they use LightScene to project movie posters. They also cleverly and subtly advertise their own brand during functions.

Parisi continued, “There’s a wow factor with LightScene and that is we now have unlimited content that we can project on what were previously unusable walls. As we have the length of both walls covered, it is very impressive when you watch a slideshow projected which tells the story of what is currently happening in the room. We’ve had very positive feedback on LightScene’s ease of use and how it truly illuminates an otherwise boring backdrop.”

Clearly Gary Parisi is impressed with the Club’s new Epson LightScene solution as he concluded, “The LightScene performs brilliantly. It is easy to use, it’s up and running in minutes and when all LightScenes are running in sequence they create a real atmosphere in the room. After several meetings and a thorough assessment by IPG, it was clear LightScene was the best solution on the market for us.”

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