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Summary: The Lifeproof Fre for the Pixel is true LIFE PROOF!


... life proof!

You’ve got your awesome new Google Smartphone (aka Pixel) and the only thing is missing is a case to keep this beast protected. So if you’re like me and have a major habit of dropping your smartphone, Lifeproof have the perfect solution with their FRĒ. If you haven’t heard of the FRĒ before, it’s boasts four protective features that include water, dirt, snow and drop proof. It’s the four p’s of protection and is ideal for those wanting that extra layer of security in all situations.

However before installing this case onto your Pixel smartphone, I would suggest reading the instruction manual that comes with the FRĒ to ensure that your phone is 100% protected. These instructions with images help fit your Pixel inside the case and ensure that it is airtight to prevent any liquids or dirt from damaging your phone. Having used Lifeproof products before, the first installation can be a little intimidating but the instructions are easy to follow and there are YouTube videos if you need some extra support.

Another cool aspect about the FRĒ is that it is a form fitting case which means it only adds a slight increase in size to your Pixel. The outside of the case also offers some additional grip which is another bonus. In terms of size, the measurements of the FRĒ are 160 x 80 x 15 mm with the Pixel being 143.8 x 69.5 x 8.5 mm. So as you can see, it doesn’t really add much to the overall size of your smartphone and terms if weight, it adds an 45 grams to your pixel (the smartphone weights 143 grams) which takes it to 188 grams in total.

Once installed, you have access to all the buttons on the Pixel and of course the excellent touch screen. However with the screen protector, it does slightly dull the sensation of the screen and will take a little time in getting used to it. To charge, you need to open the port and if you want to attach your headphones, the product also comes with a headphone adapter which ensure it keeps the protective features of the case.

When it comes to waterproofing, the FRĒ can protect your Pixel with up to a depth of 2 metres for 1 hour which is more than enough for most users. With the protective casing around your Pixel, this product has been tested from a drop height of 2 metres and should this apocalyptic drop occur, the design of the FRĒ dissipates the shock away from the phone. Although I wouldn’t be throwing my phone in the air to test this but it’s definitely some nice reassurance.

Final Thoughts?

With a recommended retail price of $99.95AUD (Feb 2017), the FRĒ offers some unparalleled protection to your Pixel, especially should the unthinkable happen. With a relatively easy installation process, the FRĒ gives the user waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof and dropproof protection for some real peace of mind. Add in a 1-year warranty on the case and the FRĒ should keep you out of trouble.

All LifeProof Pixel and Pixel XL cases are available online from lifeproof.com, or from select retailers and for more information, please visit https://www.lifeproof.com/en-us/fre-for-pixel-5/lpfr-ggl-pixel.html

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