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Lifeproof Fre for the Galaxy S5 Review

Lifeproof Fre for the Galaxy S5 Review Admin

Summary: The Lifeproof Fre for the Galaxy S5 is an apocalyptic and disaster proof case that is also perfectly suited for people with butter fingers!


Zombie proof!

Lifeproof Fre for the Galaxy S5
Product: Samsung Galaxy S5 Case
Reviewer: Peter Bourke

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a brilliant phone and although it’s waterproof (up to 2metres) for around 30 minutes, that’s about the most protection you’ll get without buying a protective case… thankfully there is something available for Galaxy S5 owners!

Lifeproof who have been in the business since the iPhone 4 have just released their latest apocalyptic proof (almost) case with the Fre for Galaxy S5. By installing this case onto your Galaxy S5, it severely increases the protective capabilities of your smartphone which make it water, dirt, snow and shock proof. This means that if the unthinkable should happen, your precious Galaxy S5 will be protected from accidentally drops or even swimming in the ocean.


Technical Specifications

  • Full screen protection and functionality
  • Complete access to buttons, ports and controls
  • Works with Finger Scanner and Heart Monitor
  • Anti-reflective optical-glass camera lens
  • Total protection from unexpected drops and shocks
  • Maximum sound output and clarity

The LifeProof Fre also comes in two colours that include white or black and we checked out the black version which looks quite military inspired. Apart from the case, the product comes with a microfibre cleaning cloth plus a manual and instruction sheet regarding the finger printer reader. Lastly the case comes with a 1-year warranty from Lifeproof. In terms of size, the case does add some additional bulk and weight to your phone, especially its height which almost doubles the height of your smartphone.


The installation process of the LifeProof Fre is very simple. The first step is to use the included cleaning cloth to clean your screen to ensure that there are no dust particles or grime on the screen. Once your phone is clean, you then put your Galaxy S5 into the back of the case and then place the front cover on by pressing all around the edge of the case to ensure that it’s locked. Thankfully you can hear the case get locked as you push down. Given that, Lifeproof do recommend that you waterproof test the case before installing your phone and then every 3-months due to wear and tear. It is better to be safe then sorry!

Once the LifeProof Fre case is securely closed, you then lock the docking port which basically makes your smartphone water, dirt, snow and shock proof. Thankfully you still have full access to all your buttons on the Galaxy S5, although you do need to push a little harder on the protective buttons that cover things such as volume or power. To charge your phone, you simply open the latch that protects the ports, it’s that easy. To access your headphone jack, there is a plug that protects this port that can easily be opened with your finger nail.


The only issue that some people may have with the case is the quality of the screen protector which does effect the vibrancy of the screen but once again, this is one of the best protective cases available for your Galaxy S5. However due to the material of the screen protector, it does cause additional glare if you’re using it in bright light which can become annoying. You also lose some of the sensitivity of the touch screen and there is a bit of a gap between the screen and the screen protector which is a common occurrence with all Lifeproof Fre cases. In terms of design and apart from the screen protector, it’s a well-designed case and I really like the rubber edges that increases the grip factor of the product.

Like other LifeProof Fre cases, you do need to use the priority headphone jack if you wish to use headphones or other sound devices. I also like how you still have access to your camera on the back, heart rate monitor and of course your speakers, thanks to the speaker grills. Although your Samsung Galaxy S5 is fully protected with the LifeProof Fre, I was actually surprised with the sound quality that done a great job at transferring the sound through the grills. Another catch is that if you wish to use the fingerprint reader, Lifeproof recommend that you save your fingerprint once the case is installed which makes sense.


Final Thoughts?

Once again Lifeproof create a great water, dirt, snow and shock proof case that I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to use their phone regularly with mother nature. The cons of the case is that material used for the screen protector seems a little flimsy and that it creates some unwanted glare, especially in conditions where natural light is an issue. The pros? Well that’s self explanatory as this case really protects your smart phone… consider it +1 protection.

In the end, this case offers some of the best protection available for your Galaxy S5 and more importantly, it’s quite affordably priced!


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