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LG Electronics Australia (LG) today announces local availability of its 2024 TV range, delivering a home entertainment lineup set to improve the way Australians access big screen content in 2024.

In 2024, LG marks a decade of webOS and 11 years as the global leading brand of the premium OLED TV market1. The new LG TV lineup introduces enhanced technologies to Australian homes, along with access to all the popular subscription, free-to-air, and catch-up TV content, plus it features innovative new features such as LG Channels, which now offers 80 free channels.

Driven by Australians’ steadily increasing demand for content, the latest LG TV lineup offers a combination of premium hardware technologies and a wide range of content options to meet consumers’ needs. Additionally, LG will introduce its webOS Re:New program, enabling LG Smart TV owners to access webOS upgrades, starting from the 2022 models and continuing on each model for up to five years, further enhancing the content viewing experience.2

Tony Brown, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at LG Electronics Australia commented on the rollout of the 2024 range:   

Over the past few years, we’re seeing an unprecedented surge in entertainment, with blockbuster films on streaming platforms and major sporting events captivating Australians. At LG, our commitment remains firm: delivering premium viewing technologies and seamless access to content Australians know and love.

To celebrate the launch of the 2024 TV and sound bar range, purchases of eligible 2024 LG OLED and QNED TVs between March 14 and April 3 from participating retailers, will receive a bonus gift card.*

Enriching entertainment now and into the future 

Following a decade of innovation as a TV platform leader, the new LG webOS 24 system demonstrates the company’s commitment to becoming a media and entertainment business. With the new webOS 24, users will experience heightened personalisation while future-proofing their TVs for up to five years, thanks to a host of new functions, efficiencies, and upgrades.

As part of its Re:New program, LG webOS 24 will also be the first operating system from the company to be applied to models from 2022, improving the versatility and longevity of LG TVs2. This program will also see future webOS upgrades applied to LG Smart TV models for up to five years, delivering on the company’s commitment of enriching customers’ lives through valuable services.

Providing a personalised user experience, the latest version of LG webOS allows users to create up to 10 individual profiles for a tailored experience. In each profile, the webOS Home Screen greets users with recommendations according to their tastes, while still providing easy customisation for users to personalise the selection of content and services, and access these with greater ease. LG Quick Cards return with webOS 24, allowing users to categorise apps and services to their most used – and favourite.  What’s more, the latest LG smart TVs can recognise users’ voices based on profiles and can offer personalised recommendations tailored to the speaking user, even if another profile is in use.

Improved access to much loved content

The 2024 LG TV lineup makes sourcing and viewing content from a range of providers easy – whether it is subscription content, free-to-air and catch up or free ad-supported television (FAST) such as LG Channels. Through partnerships with leading streaming services, users can dive into the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries, live sports and more with apps for Stan, Disney+ Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV+, Foxtel, Kayo, Paramount+, and Optus Sport, all available on LG TVs.3

Expanding the range of available content on LG Smart TVs is LG Channels, providing access to over 80 free channels. Offering a curated selection of content across news, sports, movies, TV series, and exclusives, this exciting platform has also recently been enhanced with an improved user experience thanks to streamlined organisation and convenient search functions. Organised into three easy-to-use pages, LG customers can easily browse and select from popular features on the Home Page. 

Enabling seamless content streaming, the newest LG TVs now support Google Chromecast built-in, as well as Apple AirPlay, providing improved compatibility with Android and iOS devices. With these new improvements, LG TV users  have the freedom to easily access and enjoy their favourite content from the best seat in the house. Clashes with live streaming are also taken care of on LG TVs with improved Multi View, splitting the screen to show programs from different sources at the same time.4 In the 2024 OLED M4 and G4 models, users will be able to split the screen four times, ensuring to never miss a minute of their favourite content5. 2024 LG Smart TVs with the latest webOS upgrades are also Matter compatible, enabling them to become part of the smart home and connect with other Matter-compatible smart home devices.

Our best is better than ever before – LG OLED TVs   

LG has continued to strengthen its established position as the global leading OLED TV brand, with a range of new technological upgrades that take the premium viewing experience to new levels. Powered by the company’s latest Alpha (α) 11 AI processor, the G4 and M4 OLED evo models deliver a 70 percent improvement in graphic performance and a 30 percent faster processing speed compared to its predecessor.6

Furthermore, LG has integrated various Artificial Intelligence (AI) features across select models in the 2024 lineup, designed to deliver enhanced customisation and content viewing enjoyment. Personalised Picture Wizard creates picture quality customised to preference. By simply selecting a few images, deep learning algorithms apply settings to suit the viewer, delivering a comfortable and personalised viewing experience.7 Further enhancing the viewing experience, AI Brightness Control measures the brightness of the room and intuitively adjusts balance in the picture, providing clear viewing at any time of day. Meanwhile, AI Super Upscaling effectively sharpens objects and backgrounds that may appear blurry, delivering a clear and vibrant viewing experience.  Finally, Brightness Booster and Brightness Booster Max work to increase brightness levels up to 30 percent8 and 150 percent9 respectively, treating viewers to impressive clarity and lifelike pictures.

Providing content as intended by directors, 2024 LG TVs also features FILMMAKER MODETM, a setting developed to maintain the creative integrity by the UHD Alliance, which replicates a film the way the director intended.  This feature is enhanced in select 2024 models, with industry leading Dolby Vision®, presenting an authentic viewing experience ideal for film fanatics.

Big screen stadium experiences – LG QNED TVs

As sport-mad Australians gear up for a year of exciting events, the 2024 LG QNED TV range provides the ultimate experience that will make them feel part of the action. Combining technology and scale, LG Quantum Dot and NanoCell colour technologies, the LG QNED range will be available in a range of sizes, including a mega 98-inch model to deliver stadium-like immersion at home.

The 2024 QNED range also offers intelligent features with AI powered processing technologies and personalisation thanks to the upgrades of webOS 24, and premium design. Equipped with the new Alpha (α) 8 AI Processor, 2024 LG QNED TVs also provide drastic improvements in graphic performance and processing speeds in comparison to its predecessors. In addition, the QNED TVs can automatically optimise audio and picture quality, delivering intense detail and definition to upgrade the home viewing experience to ensure viewers never miss a moment. Featuring LG Quantum Dot and NanoCell colour technologies, the company’s latest QNED TVs deliver crisp and vivid picture quality for hyper-realistic viewing. With enhanced colour reproduction, the authentic colours of QNED TVs heighten visual depth, providing a more a more immersive home entertainment experience10.

Visuals across the 2024 LG QNED range are enhanced by the addition of AI Picture Pro, operating to present a more realistic image through deep learning that can distinguish faces, objects, and background images with ease to enrich texture and fine details. Similarly, intuitive Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro splits the picture into blocks, analysing each in real time to detect brightest and darkest areas and elevating details to provide three-dimensional picture quality. Enhancing visuals further for the QNED91 MiniLED model is Million Grey Scale, differentiating between shades of grey and representing gradation with a 20-bit accuracy, providing vibrant contract to help amplify picture quality.11

Innovating form to deliver enhanced usability – LG Lifestyle Screen range

As a smart life solutions company, LG is committed to innovating its products to deliver differentiated usability for any lifestyle. With the consumer at the heart of product design, the LG Lifestyle Screen range has been developed with key design and user trends in mind to seamlessly blend with consumer’s lives, no matter their taste.

The LG OLED M4 TV is the world’s first OLED TV capable of wireless video and audio transmission at up to 4K 144Hz, thanks to the Zero Connect box.12 Improving on the M3, the additional 24Hz transmission of the M4 provides accurate detail and an elevated sense of immersion. Heralding a new era of LG OLED viewing, the M4 blends effortlessly with interior décor, courtesy of its understated One Wall Design, allowing the TV to sit flush against the wall for a streamlined look. Presenting a chic, art gallery aesthetic that augments the TVs self-lit picture quality, when paired with the Zero Connect box, the TV sends video and audio signals wirelessly to the cinematic screen while connecting the TV with commonly used HDMI devices through multiple ports built into the box.

A new model to the Lifestyle Screen lineup is the StanbyME Go, the latest iteration of portable entertainment from LG. Housed in a sturdy carrycase designed to withstand a variety of environmental factors,13 the StanbyME Go is designed to reshape the way content is accessed indoors and out. Equipped with a built-in battery, screen protection and speakers, this innovative model is ideally suited to watching movies, playing games, and streaming content, and when in Table Mode, it becomes a digital boardgame or turntable, providing a fun and nostalgic experience for users. Featuring an adjustable screen by height, orientation, and viewing angle, the LG StanbyME Go provides tailored viewing experiences. Meanwhile, users can access their favourite content via the built-in LG webOS platform, providing effortless connection with iOS or Android devices.

The 2024 LG TV range is available from leading retailers and LG.com/au now. To find out more, please visit: https://www.lg.com/au/tvs

The full 2024 TV range includes:

Type Model RRP** In-store
OLED evo M4 OLED97M4 TBA June
 OLED evo G4 OLED83G4 $9,999 March
OLED77G4 $7,999 March
OLED65G4 $5,299 March
OLED55G4 $4,199 March
 OLED evo C4 OLED83C4 $7,999 April
OLED77C4 $5,999 March
OLED65C4 $4,299 March
OLED55C4 $3,299 March
OLED48C4 $2,499 March
OLED42C4 $2,199 March
OLED B4 OLED65B4 $3,299 March
OLED55B4 $2,499 March
 QNED91 86QNED91 $5,499 April
75QNED91 $3,999 March
65QNED91 $2,999 March
QNED89 98QNED89 $8,999 May
 QNED86 86QNED86  $4,299 April
75QNED86  $2,999 March
65QNED86 $2,299 March
55QNED86 $1,799 March
QNED81 86QNED81 $3,699 April
75QNED81 $2,499 March
65QNED81 $1,899 March
55QNED81  $1,499 March
50QNED81 $1,299 March
43QNED81 $1,099 March
UT80 86UT80 $2,899 March
75UT80 $1,899 March
65UT80 $1,499 March
55UT80 $1,199 March
50UT80 $999 March
43UT80 $899 March
LG OLED Flex 42LX3Q $4,999 Available now
LG StanbyME 27ART10AKPL $1,999 Available now
LG StanbyME GO 27LX5QKNA TBA September


Retailer gift cards:


OLED/QNED Gift Card Value*
83-inch/ 86-inch $300
75-inch/77-inch $200
65-inch $100


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