Published on July 3rd, 2022 | by Andrew Bistak

LET’S SHARE SOME LOVE for Ron Gilbert and Return to Monkey Island

We know Ron Gilbert discussed the backlash he has received from some fans over the art style of the upcoming Return to Monkey Island.

It’s ironic that the people who don’t want me to make the game I want to make are some of the hard core Monkey Island fans. And that is what makes me sad about all the comments. […]

Return to Monkey Island may not be the art style you wanted or were expecting but it’s the art style I wanted.

This petition is just to let him know that the majority of Monkey Island fans are out here exited and grateful for whatever is going to happen with the new game.

It’s a game 30 years in the making and we’ll be happy to experience it in whatever form its author decided to give it to the world.

We are certain that, whatever if you like the art style or not (and “de gustibus non est disputandum“), it will be a work of art and love, made by some of the most talented guys in the business – at least when we’re talking about point-&-click adventures.

So, SIGN HERE ( and let’s make together Ron Gilbert know that another internet is possible and not to be afraid because the “Grumpy Gamer” has millions of friends out there waiting to embrace the journey he prepared for us.


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