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Lessons with Luis the Interview (MICF 2016)

Welcome to Impulse Luis!

Thank you for your time. Thank you for having me. It is an honour.

So tell us why you became a comedian?

I used to be a comedian when I won Raw Comedy in 2012. But that is all in the past. Now I am focussing my life on being a fun teacher that will teach the world to be a better place. I have studied lots of educational shows on the television to make a new learning style to inspire everyone to live better, smarter lives.

Growing up, which comedians inspired you?

Dr. Phil, Oprah and Daryl Somers.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival… what are you most looking forward to about it?

Melbourne’s smiley mood. When the Comedy Festival hits the town, people are more excited about having a good time and laughing at funny jokes. Everyone is generous except for when you have to give them your show flyers. They get very upset. Especially when you stop them and tell them the funnies joke you know about the cow astronaut. They just say GET AWAY FROM ME I HAVE TO GET TO WORK. People are in a grumpy mood at 7am sometimes.


All the cleaning up after my show. There will be lots of confetti. Because I like to recycle confetti, it will take a long time to pick it all up and put it back in the fun sack I have to prepare every night for the next show. Confetti is very expensive nowadays.

Tell us about your show Lessons with Luis?

It is an educational show. It is a learning-lecture that covers all sorts of different topics, from dads to balloons, technology to marshmallows. My show will edu-tain. That means educate and entertain. See! You are already learning, with me, Luis from Lessons with Luis. And you learnt that for free! You are welcome.

Thank you… so how did you prepare your show?

I do different voice warm ups. I sing Eggie Eggie Eggie in front of a mirror. I also make sure I have my lucky cat socks on. I do not wash these socks because I do not want the luck to rub off. I won a tin of Milo at the supermarket once. I wrote down why I love Milo so much on six entry papers and I won the draw! I am so lucky to have such lucky socks.


Okay… what’s your obsession about the Internet or Intenet?

Sorry, the internet is said ‘internet’. That’s correct. You are learning a lot today! The internet is a big place, it is full of education. There are encyclopaedias and pictures and videos. You have to be careful with the internet though, because you can accidentally download illegal movies with Matthew McConaughey in it and your neighbour has to go to hospital after having a stress-fit because he got a letter from the government with capital letters on it.

What do you love about the internet?

I love all the cats on it. The internet will never run out of cats. This makes me very happy.

Most dislike?

Sometimes there are ads on the sides of the browser window and they have tanned ladies licking lolly pops. It doesn’t look like they are enjoying licking the lolly pops. I don’t like it when people do things they do not want to.

What’s the funniest thing you have found on the net?

Once I filmed my little brother getting hit on the face with a ball. That is very funny. The ball hits his face! Dad was upset with me afterwards but it was okay because I got over 12 views.

So if you could sum up your show to our readers in a tweet… what would it be?

Education. Party. Confetti. Karaoke. Balloons. Rap. Cowboys. Floppy Disks. Cats. Lessons with Luis. #5Stars

Thanks again Luis and all the best for festival!

Thank you for your time. Thank you for having me. It is an honour.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016
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