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LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure Galactic Missions Book Review

LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure Galactic Missions Book Review Tory Favro

Summary: Another awesome entry in the LEGO Star Wars library of books filled with ideas and information about the galaxy far, far away


Jam Packed!

Packed with bricks, ideas, fun and your own imagination, this is the latest in the Build Your Own Adventure series from DK books set in the ever popular Star Wars universe. Attractively presented in a great looking hardcover sleeve, this book is two parts. The first being a sleeve of bricks and a Bespin Cloud Car pilot from Empire Strikes Back, and the second being a whole slew of ideas to take you on an intergalactic journey of LEGO.

Packed with ideas, I love these series of books. As an avid fan of LEGO I am always looking for new things to inspire me, and these build your own adventure books always give me something to think about with my own LEGO bricks. Aimed at both young and older readers, there is a real sense of fun to this book as it takes you on a number of adventures from different parts of the galaxy.

Techniques are great to explore in this book as it takes you around so much of the universe. There are Gungan environments to explore which take great advantage of the water and show you how to make very effective scenes with minimal use of bricks. That’s just one example. There are a multitude of areas that give you wonderful ideas about how to make the most out of quite little.

The beauty here is that you can see how you can make these things from your own loose collection without having to stress that you don’t have a particular brick. It can all be achieved either from the included bricks in some cases, to the small amount of bricks you might already have at home. It makes it all seem very easy to get into and achieve.

I love the sense of humour that is in all the DK books. Everyone gets to have a chuckle. The layout of the book is bright and easy to read. The language in the books will be suitable to most reading levels without condescending to any. With the pictures filled with ideas, I must be honest, I was jealous of all the mini figures that they had on display. You do get a Bespin Cloud Car pilot but holy smokes it was awesome to see so many others.

Of course if you buy this book, you must be as into Star Wars as I am! The title is FILLED with cool tidbits of information that explain tons about the universe that you might not have ever thought of. And for that matter never have wanted to know! But it’s really neat.

As you read your way through the book there are little stories that will really only entertain the little ones.  They are pretty cutesy though and will be sure the bring their imaginations to life. For older readers, the ideas and general information should do the trick just nicely.

The only downside to this is that the book is just a little light on the page count in my opinion. It weighs in at 77 pages but looks like a bulkier tome when coupled with the brick box included. It was such a neat read I did wish there were more pages though.

All things considered this is another great entry in the DK LEGO book library. Highly enjoyable and informative. I recommend it.

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