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LEGO Relics: A New World Rises Review (Melbourne Museum) @melbournemuseum LEGO

LEGO Relics: A New World Rises Review (Melbourne Museum) @melbournemuseum LEGO Andrew Bistak

Summary: LEGO Relics: A New World Rises at the Melbourne Museum is a must visit for all lovers of LEGO



If you’re a LEGO fan, then there is something very special on display at the Melbourne Museum and that exhibition is LEGO Relics: A New World Rises. The premise behind this exhibition is ingenious as its creators have used old disused items as a backdrop for their LEGO building. For example, cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions are used to display different TV moments or a jet ski is used to build a beach theme around it… the end result? Something unique and magical yet very familiar as well.

Needless to say, the clever use of LEGO and narrative really draws you into these sets because the attention to detail is astonishing as there is so much to see and find hidden away. The exhibition is also the brainchildren of Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler who were the 2020 winners of Channel 9’s LEGO Masters and if you loved their imaginative builds on this television show, you’ll love their work on Relics: A New World Rises.

Set in a future long after humanity’s reign, RELICS tells the story of a world where LEGO minifigures have risen from the debris to craft intricate civilisations in discarded human artefacts, each one inspired by the object they now call home.

Supporting this very fun exhibition are the stories behind each of the “relics” such as a group of minifigures inventors who have reverse engineered a grandfather clock to become a time machine or a group of survivors who have used a vintage refrigerator as a cryogenic facility due to the harsh climate outside. These are just some of the imaginative themes behind LEGO Relics: A New World Rises.

With over 15 “relics” to be found in this exhibition, there is also an element of interactivity which involves three different treasure hunts for people of different ages and even an area where you can build your own LEGO creations and then place them in one of the televisions for display. Kudos to the lighting as well which makes the entire exhibit even more engaging as we loved how lighting plays a key part of these LEGO worlds. Additionally I’m always impressed at how much emotion is portrayed by these minifigures that makes the stories even more compelling.

And as they say in the classics, a picture is worth a thousand words…

LEGO Relics: A New World Rises Gallery

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Final Thoughts?

From a piano to a jukebox and an old fridge, the amalgam of relics (or junk to some) is the perfect way to highlight the imaginative building power of LEGO, especially with the carefully placed LEGO minifigures who bring these stories to life. As to a favourite exhibit? I seriously don’t have one because all are wonderfully detailed and just as engaging. At the end of the day, this is some serious art and creators Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler should be commended on their clever narratives and LEGO builds.


For more information please visit

LEGO Relics: A New World Rises Exhibition
Venue: Melbourne Museum
Dates: Friday 1 September to Sunday 28 January
Times: 9am to 5pm (Session times are every 15 minutes)
Cost – General Public: Adult $27.50; Senior $22.50; Child/Concession $17.50 (Includes museum entry)
Cost – Museum Members: Adult $22; Concession $14

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