Published on October 23rd, 2021 | by Chris O'Connor

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Switch Review

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Switch Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: One of the worlds most popular franchises mixes with arguably the worlds favourite building bricks.


Brick Marvels

If you can’t wait between Marvel movies to get your comic character fix… LEGO are here to help. Embody the tiny plastic version of your favourite heroes and set out to save Earth from Loki and some other familiar nasty characters. To put it simply, if you’ve ever seen or played any of the LEGO  games then you have a pretty good idea of what is in store here. You have an over the top action adventure with the cheeky humour that the LEGO franchise pepper throughout.

The main story is kind of a mish mash of elements from all across the Marvel movies… Dr Doom is using cosmic bricks from the Silver Surfer, Magneto and Mystique are causing mayhem and Loki is… well… being Loki and creating mischief. The different groups are all tied together reasonably well and certain areas make it clear you will need to come back when you have access to other characters in order to unlock bonus characters or other benefits.

I played through the game with my son and we had a lot of fun… but both agreed that the camera angles could get annoying at times. I would also say that the spacing of some of the “focus scenes” could be better… you’d be happily playing… come across a new enemy and the camera would switch to single view (as opposed to the split screen for multiplayer), then after a short scene (and I mean really short… probably not even a minute… maybe not even half a minute), you’re back to playing… then only a moment later you get yet another scene that breaks your immersion by again going to just a single screen and then back out again. I don’t mind the camera showing you a point of focus… but doing it so often and with such a short gap between events gets a bit annoying.

As with all the other LEGO games… one of the main goals is basically destroying anything and everything you can (which kind of seems ironic from a product that is about “building” things). My son didn’t really appreciate why I would spend an extra amount of time in each area breaking whatever I could… until he found out Deadpool was in the game… and how many studs you need to get in order to have a chance of unlocking him.

Stan Lee’s cameos are great fun too and I’d almost be inclined to say that Stan and Deadpool are reason enough to buy this game. Essentially if you like the LEGO series of games then you know what you are in for here and it’s an easy choice to buy if that’s what you like. I’m getting to the point where the core mechanic is feeling a bit tired (and I hate falling off ledges… is it not possible to put a bit of code in to stop you falling off the edges of things?)… but, multiplayer with my son was quite fun… so even if you aren’t a huge fan of the series, if you have young ones who might want to have some gaming sessions with you… this is a good option.



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