Published on September 21st, 2018 | by Tory Favro

LEGO Animal Atlas Book Review

This is an utterly delightful book that explores our amazing world of animals from all around the planet. It is an amazing book that is jam packed with information that readers of all ages should thoroughly enjoy. At first glance it might appear that it is aimed at just younger readers, but there is a wealth of knowledge tucked away inside these brightly coloured pages.

As with all DK offerings, production values are high, and the book is hardcover, containing bricks to make four exclusive animals in the front cover along with easy to follow instructions for them. The pages are gloss and of a very sturdy good quality, inviting you to turn them.

The Animal Atlas works it’s way across the planet with all sorts of creatures being reproduced with LEGO bricks.The parts of the world are represented in map form and then there is general information about the animals from that region, then text about the region itself. It is very detailed but extremely easy to read, making it easier to remember. There are also building tips for some of the more tricky parts of the animals. This should encourage people to try and make some of the creatures that you see depicted.

DK has utterly succeed in making a fabulous book here that is extremely easy to follow, entertaining, informative and inspiring, using the planet’s favourite toy LEGO. The book will appeal to both fans of animals and also these wonderful building bricks. It is jam packed with knowledge and something that can quite readily be referenced more than once.

This is great value for money and readers will love it. I recommend the LEGO Animal Atlas to everyone.

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