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The Last Guardian | The Language of Companionship

With the launch of The Last Guardian this week exclusively on PlayStation 4, players have taken on the role of the boy accompanied by his mysterious creature companion, Trico. Together they develop a relationship like we’ve never seen before, and embark on an incredible and emotional journey.

As part of the game’s development Sony Interactive Entertainment has looked at the psychology behind creating an emotional bond and connection between a person and animal – such as the boy and Trico – to help demonstrate the impact a companion has on our everyday behaviour.

They’ve partnered with a behaviour expert to discuss the psychology and created a short video that shows how trust and bonds are formed between animals and humans, which you can watch below;

Dr David Sands is a human-companion animal practitioner at the Animal Behavioural Clinic, based in the UK. The clinic specialises in the treatment of behavioural problems displayed by dogs, cats, birds, horses and even exotic species. He is an internationally established animal-related author and photographer, having also researched ‘human psychology’ and zoology.

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