Published on October 13th, 2021 | by Adrian Gunning

LASER Goes Longer – Ultra Certified HDMI Cable Range Expands To New 3M and 5M Options In Australian First

Australian-owned consumer electronics company LASER, has today announced that its Gtek-branded range of Ultra Certified HDMI cables will now be available in three and five metres, the first time HDMI 2.1 cables have been available at such lengths in Australia.

Be it for gaming consoles, the latest televisions, projectors and other home theatre equipment, the newest cable lengths mean more convenience than ever before especially for installations that require additional length, while still delivering the maximum 48Gbps bandwidth between devices, almost triple the bandwidth of non-HDMI 2.1 cables. It means support for 4K@120Hz and 8K@60Hz video, Dynamic HDR and all other HDMI 2.1 features is certified and guaranteed.

Already one of the first companies in Australia to have their latest cables certified against a new range of stringent criteria as set down by the HDMI Forum, the introduction of these new cable lengths means that LASER is looking forward to ensuring Australian consumers will always have value options available, as technology evolves and progresses.

Such cables are important to deliver consumers the immersive viewing experiences they expect when purchasing the latest televisions and Home Theatre and also take on great importance to those that use high refresh monitors for gaming, who are otherwise greatly limited by what the cable connecting their multiple screens can otherwise deliver.

With Ultra High Speed 2.1 Certified cables, consumers can enjoy higher resolution and refresh rates, Enhanced ARC (eARC) as well as more bandwidth to carry Dolby Atmos and DTS:X uncompressed. Together, these combined features result in a faster responding, clearer display with an enhanced audio experience and reduced lag, all crucial aspects for Australians wanting to get the full quality and experience.

Such performance and value are backed by a lifetime guarantee and also a connection guarantee. This gives consumers the ultimate peace of mind that the latest technology will work be it the latest Xbox Series X, Sony PlayStation 5, the latest Foxtel IQ box or any other technology benefiting from HDMI 2.1 moving forward. With all products priced at under $100, this industry leading warranty demonstrates the confidence and commitment placed in these products.

“We know that consumers and the industry alike have been waiting for the ability to deliver HDMI 2.1 Ultra Certified cables in longer lengths, given the sheer practicality of home installations and distance between technology such as their Television and Gaming console. It is a frustration we have heard many times over so we are delighted to be the first in Australia to offer HDMI 2.1 at lengths that will solve a real headache for consumers and ensure more people than ever will realise the true potential of their technology through very affordable cables that come with a lifetime performance warranty.” said Chris Lau, Managing Director, LASER.

Laser’s HDMI brands including GTEK, BLE Platinum and CONNECT are backed by a lifetime warranty, but also Laser’s local support teams.

Key Features At A Glance:

  • HDMI Ultra High Speed ver 2.1 Ultra Certified Cable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Supports speeds up to 48Gbps
  • Supports resolutions at 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz
  • Exceptional HDMI 2.1 features such as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), QFT (Quick Frame Transport) and QMS (Quick Media Switching)
  • Made for streaming devices, new Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox X gaming consoles, and other HDMI compatible devices.
  • eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) supports the most advanced audio formats and highest audio quality
  • 1.8-metre (RRP$59) and now 3-metre ($79) and 5-metre ($99) length options


GA-HDMI30C-8K- available at $79 from JB Hi-Fi website.


GA-HDMI50C-8K- available at $99 from JB Hi-Fi website


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