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Lady Death’s pursuit of vengeance is stepping off the page and onto the screen. Lady Death Demonicron, a canonical beat-em-up video game in the Lady Death universe, has been funded on Kickstarter and is coming soon to PC and console.

All Lady Death wishes is to mourn her friend in peace; which is difficult to do when a horde of demonic enemies swarms the cemetery gates. These malevolent forces hound Lady Death between realms, invoking a hunt through alternate realities that bring forth a sinister mystery. Poised to help is Ravenheart, a haunted swordsman prepared to accompany Lady Death through these ominous realms in search of answers to a convoluted mystery. Little does she know, but Lady Death is about to enter the most brutal battle of her undead life.


Begin the Hunt Through Hell

Lady Death Demonicron marks 30 years of Lady Death and is the first video game installment of the franchise; the project hit its 150,000 goal within the first 3 days from launch and is continuing to climb. With pre-production currently underway, the game will soon move into full development. Created by renowned comic artist and writer Brian Pulido, Lady Death has appeared in nearly 400 comics, earning her a title as one of comics’s most beloved–and feared–anti-heroes. Lady Death Demonicron sees the game’s heroine and her partner, Ravenheart, thrown into the depths of hell for deadly combat. Driven by a thirst for vengeance, she hunts those who fear her–and dispatches them with ruthless ease. In Lady Death Demonicron, players move through hand-drawn environments, accessing the heroine’s lethal sword skills, destructive magic, and strong intuition. Upgrade your kit as you battle through the game’s 15 beat-em-up style levels, earning new swords and uncovering brutal finishers to slay a path to victory!

Ash Nicholls, Director at Art of Play, says: “We’re excited to handcraft the next chapter of Lady Death in video game form with the creator of Lady Death Brian Pulido and his incredible team!”

“It’s time for Lady Death to conquer the video game space with the leadership of Art of Play,” says creator Brian Pulido. “Demonicron is true to Lady Death’s savage spirit. I can’t wait for players around the world to get their hands on it.”

From Paper To Pixels

To capture the perfect aesthetic, Art of Play–the award-winning development studio known for its work with brands like Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and Transformers–will head the artistic production of the game. Unlike current game development models, Lady Death Demonicron is a completely hand-drawn 2D comic gaming experience; using frame-by-frame animation, the developers create seamless gameplay reflective of Lady Death’s comic appearances. For example, Lady Death’s movement will be recorded using a trained combat and sword expert, which Art of Play’s team will turn into frame-by-frame hand-drawn sequences.

Kickstarter Funded, Development Updates Coming Soon

Lady Death Demonicron has been fully funded on Kickstarter and will launch on PC and consoles. Brian Pulido–Lady Death’s visionary and Coffin Comics founder–will co-write the game into the franchise’s existing canon. The game’s Kickstarter runs through May 24th, and a release date for the title will be announced at a later date.

More information on Lady Death and the upcoming adaptation is available on the game’s official website. Check out the Art of Play website for details on the development team, and visit Coffin Comics to view Lady Death’s full backlog.

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