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Kingston Canvas Select Plus microSD Review (2019 – The New Generation of the Canvas Select, the Plus)

Kingston Canvas Select Plus microSD Review (2019 – The New Generation of the Canvas Select, the Plus) James Wright

Summary: The Kingston Canvas Select Plus microSD is the perfect memory upgrade for your smart devices!


Perfect memory!

Kingston Technology have released a new range of microSD XC cards with their CANVAS Select Plus range that come in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs. The new Kingston Canvas Select Plus also replaces the original Canvas Select series in order to deliver better performance, reliability and capacity size… in other words, a faster SD card experience.

The Kingston Canvas Select Plus have a Class 10 UHS-I rating which allows for speeds of up to 100MB/s (read) and 85MB/s (write) which are mighty impressive. Furthermore, these new cards from Kingston have been designed for high speed devices such as Android smartphones, digital cameras and even portable consoles such as the Nintendo Switch which require fast writing and reading of data.

So whether you’re accessing apps and games directly from the card or saving high-resolution photos or 4K video, the Kingston Canvas Select Plus ensure that this is possible at very high speeds and best of all, at an affordable cost. Also rounding out the features of the Canvas Select Plus is an adaptor, plastic case and a lifetime warranty for additional piece of mind.

We tested the Kingston Canvas Select Plus microSD on our Nintendo Switch console and here’s the process we used to get the card to work on this console. Firstly, we had to power off the Nintendo Switch and then swing the stand open to access the microSD card slot. Once done, we simply slotted the card into the slow and pushed down until it clicked in place.

It was that easy and once done, we powered back the Switch and it done its magic to make this card accessible for us and more importantly, install our digital games such as Luigi’s Mansion 3 and The Witcher. While using the Switch, we noticed no issues with speed whatsoever thanks to the fast read and write speeds of this microSD card.

Another test we done was on our smartphone and once inserted into our Oppo phone, the system detected the card and we were able to save apps, photos and videos on it. There was also an option to make this the primary storage device and needless to say, once installed, it was behaved like the inbuilt memory on the phone itself.

Final Thoughts?

If you’re looking for additional memory storage for your phone, digital camera or Nintendo Switch, the Kingston Canvas Select Plus microSD is an all-round excellent product that not only gives you the storage required but provides excellent read and write speeds.

The Kingston Canvas Select Plus microSD is also available at all good computer stores.


Brand: Kingston
Series: Canvas Select Plus
Capacity: 256 GB
Part Number: SDCS2/256GB
Speed Class Rating: UHS-I U1 V10 A1 C10
Read Speed: Up to 100MB/s
Write Speed: Up to 85MB/s
Video Speed: UHS-I U3 V30 A1 C10
Format: microSDXC

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