Published on June 20th, 2024 | by Chris O'Connor

Killer Queens 2: Kings, Not Wings! Review

Killer Queens 2: Kings, Not Wings! Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: The Killer Queens are back and just as sassy as ever, but this time things are a little more personal than expected.


Sassy Sci-Fi

What better way to celebrate Pride month than with Killer Queens 2: Kings, Not Wings! which starts off at Space Pride. Keeping it camp, glam and fab this story is full of bright colours and as the cover says they put the Sass in Assassin!


Sometimes it’s nice to read something that is just over the top fun! The banter between Alex and Max is spot on… a touch of teasing, a hint of frustration and a lot of loyalty when push comes to shove… they may not always get the result they wanted the way they planned… but they get a result! The big issue in this story is essentially expectations, expectations of family and society and how that can impact our desire to be our true selves. I am quite sure there will be plenty of people feeling “seen” at many points throughout the adventure.


The cover does a fantastic job of cluing you in for what’s inside here. Lovely vibrant colour jumps off the page and the larger than life caricatures indicate the bold science fiction tropes that are open to being played with. Inside there are some lovely choices of texturing throughout… just a little here and there to add a bit more interest to what could otherwise have been plain surfaces such as walls or costumes. It’s a small touch but one that really helps bring the images to life.

It’s quite impressive how so many panels are filled with a vibrant array of colours yet they don’t come across as forced or over the top… I mean perhaps it’s the whole Space Pride thing that set the tone and makes it all feel “just right”… but it’s really lovely having such a glowing representation of the colours of the rainbow splashed throughout.

Final Thoughts

Certainly if you like queer stories then this is a must have, but even if you don’t specifically have an interest in queer stories… this is just a good fun sci-fi comedy romp that is full of action and great banter between the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Killer Queens… I thoroughly enjoyed this Killer Queens… I certainly hope there are many more to come!

Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: David M. Booher
Artist: Bradley Clayton
Colourist: Harry Saxon
Cover Artist: Chris Ables
Genre: Science-Fiction, Humour
Format: 96pgs, FC, TPB
Release Date: 19th June 2024

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