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Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition PC Review

Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition PC Review Admin

Summary: Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition is definitely up there with one of the weirdest but fun games that I have played on the PC



Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition
Developer: Suda 51
Format: PC
Genre: Action
Reviewer: Peter Bourke
Rating: MA15+

Suda 51 are known for their outrageous games and last year Killer is Dead was that title for 2013 which was released on the 360 and PS3. The story revolved around Mondo Zapp, an executioner who works for a Clandestine organisation who helped people solve “unique” problems. Thankfully for Mondo he is not alone as some of the missions can be quite deadly and our protagonist is joined by the sexy Vivienne, the cyborg Brian and a runaway called Mika who all have their own agendas that add to the complex storyline of the Killer is Dead.


Unlike the aforementioned console versions, the PC version of Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition has been upgraded to include a new difficulty mode called nightmare and lots of gaming and graphical tweaks to create a rather sturdy title on this format. With that said, Killer is Dead boasts some beautiful visuals and I love the cell shaded animation that can be overtly sexualised at times but what Suda 51 game isnt? It’s also quite a violent game so those that don’t like blood or over the top violence should find their gaming enjoyment elsewhere.


In terms of gameplay, the game does have parallels to Devil May Cry and more so Bayonetta, especially with its whacky bosses and villains that you face. There’s also some really strange gaming environments that I don’t want to spoil here but they’re really quite bizarre and definitely not from the Western mould of games. With combat, Mondo’s main choice of weapon is Gekkou, a magical katana that has the ability to use the blood of its enemies to empower the wielder by giving them additional benefits and powerups.

Mondo also has a cybernetic arm that can also be used to perform some devastating attacks. With that said, you do need to string attacks together in order to perform a variety of manoeuvres and in general, the control system is well mapped on your choice of controls, whether it’s the keyboard/mouse or a traditional PC gaming controller. If you successfully block an attack, Mondo does have the ability to perform a counter-attack and once again this is done with timing.


Apart from killing, maiming and more killing, the player can engage in so called gigolo missions which are basically mini-games that require the player to help Mondo get lucky with a variety of women. In one of the most strangest gaming modes to date is gigolo vision which allows Mondo to use his x-ray vision in order to lust after their privates but the goal is not to get caught. The more you succeed, the more guts you have which eventually leads Mondo in succeeding and then being rewarded additional gaming benefits. Bizarre but strangely fun!



Graphically, Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition is quite a visually striking game on the PC, especially with its stylised graphics. The animation has this real anime feel to it but unfortunately it does look a little dated and bland, even with the high resolution. Given that, I loved the colour palette of the game as everything feels surreal and otherworldly. Character animation is another highlight, especially the attractive women that grace this title and of course the boss models which are the strangest that I have seen in a long time.  The soundtrack compliments the strange story well and the voice acting can be very amusing at times.


Final Thoughts?

Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition is definitely up there with one of the weirdest but fun games that I have played on the PC. The gameplay works well, although the mapping is little limited on the keyboard/mouse. The action is fun, characters are interesting and the story has some great surprises thrown into the mix. The gameplay melds action, adventure and almost “sex” into a crazy world filled with robots, monsters and humans that will probably leave you shocked or wanting more, especially Vivienne’s “special” powers.

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