Published on July 1st, 2019 | by Dan Lix

Kick-Ass #15 Review

Kick-Ass #15 Review Dan Lix

Summary: Kick-Ass and her new entourage take the fight to the Russians in this high octane rush.


Kick-Ass sidekicks!

Maurice knows Patience’s secret and could easily expose her. For now she has no choice but to play his game, but at the same time she’s doing her best to stick true to her morals—destroy the drugs, and funnel off as much money as she can to charities. The Russians are closing in on her, and she needs to strike back. Fortunately, she put a tracker on one of their guys and she also has her new team of Kick-Ass side…kicks?


Steve Niles is great at moving the story along quickly while still building tension along the way. The action is exciting and visceral, contrasted by the ever present struggle of balancing her personal life with her vigilante activities. My only real complaint about the story is that her sidekicks don’t really seem to serve a purpose other than to provide fire support. It makes sense in terms of story that she’s not using any of their names, but it also leaves less of an impact when one of them dies and there’s no real personal connection. I don’t really know who any of these girls were, aside from someone that Patience saved in the past. Even Patience seems disconnected from her death—but one can chalk that up to her growing desensitized to losing allies at this point.


Marcelo Frusin does a wonderful job supporting the dramatic tension and action set by the story. The art is gorgeous and the gore is appropriately vicious. Sunny Gho’s use of colors and shadow further enhances the art. Dark and atmospheric alleys, high octane gunfights, or the bright sterile environments of a hospital room.


Things are quickly building to a head. Patience isn’t going to be able to stay beneath Maurice’s thumb for long, and she has some new powerful enemies to deal with. This was a satisfying read, and I’m looking forward to the next issue!

Story 4/5
Art 5/5

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Dan Lix is an avid writer, gamer and possibly radioactive monster. He celebrates geek culture in all its many forms, from video games, to movies, to comic books, with a particular emphasis on tabletop roleplaying games.

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