Published on February 20th, 2024 | by Andrew Bistak

Kevin the Sheep Book Review

Kevin the Sheep Book Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Kevin the Sheep is pure sheepish fun with the message that being different is ok


Sheepish lesson!

Kevin the Sheep (not to be mistaken with Shaun – although there is a Shaun in this book) is a wonderful story about a lovable Jumbuck from Down Under called Kevin. However Kevin is not like other sheep (Shaun, Shauna, Sheryl and Shane) as he wants more from life than just running around, eating grass and doing “sheep stuff”. For example… instead of getting sheared, he likes to go to the hairdresser and even drink icy mint tea.

Yes Kevin likes to try “human” things like sailing, karate and football that unfortunately makes him the black sheep of the flock. However by being different to Shaun, Shauna, Sheryl and Shane the Sheep, he also becomes their saviour when a hungry wolf comes into their paddock one night looking for dinner as this Karate Sheep saves the day that delivers the message to younger readers that it’s okay to be different.

Beautifully written by Jacqueline Harvey with equally beautiful and colourful art, Kevin the Sheep is a very well written book with words that come to life and flow very well for the younger reader. So when the text matches the illustrations, it comes together very well and had our girls captivated by this funny yet different sheep called Kevin. As a fun fact, Kevin is based on an actual sheep that author Jacqueline grew up with which makes to story even more endearing!

Charming is the perfect word that sums up this book, Kevin the Sheep!


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