Published on March 29th, 2024 | by Andrew Bistak

KABOOM Explosive Science Show Review @micomfestival @artscentremelb #kaboomscience

KABOOM Explosive Science Show Review @micomfestival @artscentremelb #kaboomscience Andrew Bistak

Summary: KABOOM Explosive Science Show is Edutainment comedy for children of ALL ages!


Edutainment comedy!

Melbourne Australia becomes inundated with comedy during the months of March and April as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival unleashes its humour through this city. However not all comedy is for adults and we had the opportunity to check out the super funny and engaging Magnus Danger Magnus, Perth’s very own mad scientist! Although this show is aimed at children, this witty mad scientist also ensures that adults will be equally entertained with some great throwaway one-liners such as Breaking Bad.

So what exactly is Kaboom? It’s basically an interactive science show that is delivered at almost 1000 miles per hours courtesy of its larger than life scientist Magnus who describes himself with ADHD, hence his fast paces behaviour which is quite infectious with the younger crowd.

He also cheekily tells children not to do these experiments at home but rather at their friends place as he unleashes smoke, fire, explosions and the largest man made slime that I think anyone has ever witnessed. Magnus also asks children to volunteer (relax, he has a Working with Children Check) to participate in his experiments (safely of course) and for their involvement, they get a very cool showbag.

Final Thoughts?

If you’re looking for a fun kid friendly show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, then look no further because Magnus Danger Magnus delivers a truly spectacular science show with facts, fun and lots of laughs. Consider it edutainment comedy at its best.

Brilliant and a show for kids of ALL ages!



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