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Justice League of America #10 Review

Justice League of America #10 Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Justice League of America #10 draws in elements from the past to create a very compelling and interesting 'villain' for this newly formed Justice League.


The King!

The new story arc for Justice League of America #10 is entitled CURSE OF THE KINGBUTCHER that is written by Steve Orlando with art by Andy MacDonald. So as we’re introduced to Christopher Kaminski, a resident of Vanity which happens to be the home of the Ray, we find out that his ‘wish’ to cure his fibromyalgia is revoked by the Kingbutcher as the League is about to take on their newest foe.

As the reader returns to the Justice League of America, Batman reinforces the need to work as a team as they are alerted to an alarm from the city of ‘Vanity’. It is here we learn that this city has been responsible for wishes coming true, however something has been taking them back. So as Batman prepares his team, he orders Killer Frost and the Atom to continue working on her cure and thus begins their next big missions.

There investigation or as Batman so eloquently describes it ‘time to autopsy some dreams’ starts at City Hall as they discuss the phenomena of Vanity with one of the locals. We discover that the might beyond the mirror has been visiting people in their dreams who awake with their dreams coming true. It’s quite a clever premise that Orlando gives just enough clues to make it interesting as this mystery unfolds.

Is here where Ray makes a stand and vows to protect the wishers in Vanity when the Kingbutcher arrives who strongly informs the League that these wishes are hurting the realm of man. Interestingly enough and in an unexpected twist, the Kingbutcher informs the League that he is a servant of the Lords of Order who have given him the task of rectifying things before they get out of hand. Before he can finish his monologue, the Ray attacks as the Kingbutcher easily evades the combined might of the League.

The Kingbutcher verbally challenges the Ray about whether these wishes are indeed good and whether the might beyond the mirror is a force of good as the League is taken into the dream of Ray’s mother who wished our young hero didn’t exist. What a twist as Orlando and MacDonald create a fun  and new ‘villain’ for the Justice League of America with some great character building and some interesting moments between the characters.

Given that the Kingbutcher is tool for the Lord of the Orders, I sincerely hope that we see the other famous Lord of Order, Doctor Fate in this arc but even if we don’t, I’m sure Steve will deliver another riveting story and so far CURSE OF THE KINGBUTCHER is off to a great start!


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