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Summary: Another field trip with the League


Fun and fast times

Thus far, we are off to a fantastic start on this new Justice League run. There’s been no shortage of excitement, nor intrigue as we are swept through some pretty intense and intricate storylines deeply involving each of the League members. Further, we get some new back story into Sinestro on who and what he once was (spoiler, an Indiana Jones level Archaeologist). It sets up the issue succinctly as we get a peak into part of this latest threat that will come to face Earth very soon with enough background to not leave wondering the details. Trust in Scott Snyder…

Without diving much further into the story (yet), Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez’s arts and colors are top notch. They allow a fun, but serious enough tone to help guide us through. Each character looks crisp on every panel and it’s just wonderful to see this team working together. Snyder and team are allowing the appropriate strengths and weaknesses play off each other; really showing us what the League is about: working together. Also, in the event it wasn’t obvious enough on the front cover, they had a challenge in designing the Ultraviolet Lantern Corps and John Stewart as well, which I think they did pretty well. It’s not dull (considering we have already seen just about every color of the rainbow from the various corps), but what you would probably expect as I’m not sure how crazy you could get on these Lantern designs.

Back to the story now, you should pick this issue up if you have not (by now, your confidence should be fully back on board with this creative team). The League faces a unique set of obstacles with the Source Wall, the Ultra Violet power consuming John and waking up, Sinestro, etc. It’s packed, but not too crowded to where you cannot keep pace with Snyder’s flow. To add, each Leaguer is “busy” and not idling, so if you want to see what Batman is up to and are then curious to check in on Hawkgirl or Martian Manhunter, just wait a page or two.

I will say that I think this “new” threat is heavy level stuff and will keep things mildly interesting for a bit, if not to an extent where the entire DC Universe’s canon is largely impacted (which I personally think will happen considering there’s some Source Wall action going on). I already mentioned the excitement I have in my review for Justice League #1, but I have to keep saying how thankful I am for this new line up and run of the beloved Justice League. It’s the fresh coat of paint the team was in dire need of. So, again, allow me to coerce you into checking this run out if you have not, yet. There should be very few people upset with the line up as it harkens back to the animated series, plus ups the overall team diversity with Hawkgirl and John Stewart coming back into play. And yes, Cyborg is still on as well, which I think is good.

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