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Published on June 27th, 2024 | by Andrew Paul

Jurassic World Chaos Theory … let’s celebrate!

Perfectly coinciding with the hot new Netflix series Jurassic World Chaos Theory and just in time for the holidays, there’s a whole new way to continue with your adventures in this universe with  some very cool new toys! And what’s Jurassic World Chaos Theory about? The Camp Cretaceous gang comes together to unravel a mystery when they discover a global conspiracy that brings danger to dinosaurs — and to themselves. It’s the perfect mix of action and adventure that our kids can’t get enough of.

Jurassic World Chaos Theory Trailer

…let’s celebrate!

These toys are available at all good retailers such as Big W, K-Mart and Target, including online and traditional brick and mortar toy shops (which you need to support) and we were given a sneak peak at some of these awesome Jurassic World Chaos Theory merch! First up was the Jurassic World Gigantic Trackers Mapusaurus Action Figure that offers some excellent interactivity courtesy of its jaw, arms and tail.

This Jurassic World Gigantic Trackers Mapusaurus Action Figure takes the iconic, fan-favourite species to a different level. With a spin wheel-activated dramatic mega bite rampage attack, no one wants to mess around with this dinosaur action figure!

Slide the lever to watch the back spikes grow the Mapusaurus’ dramatic evolution feature makes this 35cm long figure look even more fearsome. This large species dino has authentic sculpting and a habitat-specific deco. Please note that colours and decorations may vary.

Scan the hidden Tracking Code in the free Jurassic World Play App with a compatible smart device (not included) to collect the digital dino and play fiercely fun games. In the Ride ‘N Rampage game, start racing motocross and activate Destruction Mode to suddenly turn into a rampaging dinosaur! Collect keys and badges while dodging obstacles on this adventurous ride.


  • This Mapusaurus action figure is ready for fun battle play!
  • This figure’s rampage attack is a vicious mega bite
  • Just use the spin wheel to activate the biting motion
  • Slide the lever to watch the back spikes grow
  • Scan the hidden Tracking Code in the free Jurassic World Play App to unlock a digital version of the dinosaur
  • The Jurassic World Play App also comes with fiercely fun games
  • Contents: 1 Jurassic World Gigantic Trackers Mapusaurus action figure
  • Dimensions: 35L x 9W x 19H cm

What did we like about the Jurassic World Gigantic Trackers Mapusaurus Action Figure? It’s size for one as it measures at a whopping 35cm in length with a height of 19cm. Best of all, you can control this dinosaur’s massive jaw as it takes on anyone and anything that gets in its way? What didn’t we like? Nothing, it boasts an excellent sculpt and more importantly stands up without it falling over so your play time won’t be affected by pesky gravity.

Next up was the Jurassic World Chaos Theory Ben Escape Pack Action Figure!

Get ready for an adventure with the Jurassic World Chaos Theory Ben Escape Pack Action Figure! This collector’s edition action figure from the popular Jurassic World franchise is perfect for fans of all ages, with a recommended age level of 4+. The figure is made of high-quality plastic and features intricate details of the Velociraptor and Atrociraptor species. The multicoloured figure comes boxed and is part of the limited edition Jurassic World Chaos Theory series by Mattel. This original action figure is perfect for play or display and is sure to impress any fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. Don’t miss out on this must-have addition to your dinosaur collection!

What did we like? Besides the very cool poseable Ben with his weapon, him and the two dinosaurs looked fantastic and they are all very interactive. With moveable joints and heads, the action definitely heats up! What’s cool about these dinosaurs is that they both come with tracking codes and once scanned via the free Jurassic World Play App, it creates this really cool augmented reality experience. What we didn’t like? Nothing!

Lastly, we checked out the Jurassic World Chaos Theory Captivz Build n Battle Dinos that allows you to build your very own dinosaur. What did we like? The tiny sculpt of the dinosaur was flawless and it comes with a collector’s card. What we didn’t like? It can become expensive collecting them as you don’t know what dinosaur is inside the egg.

Final Thoughts?

If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park or dinosaurs in general, the new range of Jurassic World Chaos Theory toys is here for you! There’s a whole wealth of toys to collect and more importantly play with, even ones dependent on budget. Again these toys are available at all good retailers, including online stores!

Lastly the totally awesome and delicious Boost Juice have a collaboration with Jurassic Park Chaos Theory which offer four collectible cups – Bumpy, T.Rex, Parasaurolophus and Allosaurus plus a QR code which brings them to life. It’s definitely a great time to be a Jurassic Park Chaos Theory Fan!

For more information, check out your local retailer or visit … and lucky for us, dinosaurs love potato chips!

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