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Published on March 6th, 2023 | by Scott De Lacy

Juno: New Origins PC Review

Juno: New Origins for the PC is best described as a gamified simulator. Ever wanted to know what it takes to start your own space agency and develop rockets that can reach orbit, or spacecraft that can take you to other planets? Well then Juno is for you.

Game play

There are two play styles, Sandbox and Career Mode. Sandbox provides all of the inventory of rocket and aircraft components to built and design at your leisure without any limitations. Career Mode is a gamification that provides contracts for financial and research point rewards – very similar to another game, isn’t it?

In terms of complexity, Juno: New Origins has it in spades. There are far more rocketry and technology available as well as an insane amount of customization involved in the rocketry. For example, the engines cone and throat size can be manipulated, completely adjusting the engine efficiency profile for atmosphere and vacuum operation.

These advanced settings all require additional consideration in career mode, as certain efficiencies will drive up the cost.

Rockets are designed in the designer, all point and click and drag manipulation. It can be quite daunting at first blush but the tutorials quickly take the sting out of that. The designer is quite neat and tidy.

The navigation of the craft is interesting as the navigation radials are displayed in the center of the screen and simply manipulated with the mouse. This is actually quite useful and makes a lot of sense, but being fiddly, a good precise mouse is best suited.

The main gripe is the confusion caused by scroll wheel adjusting the camera, which zooms in/out on the active rocket. You can move your camera view by click-dragging which gives the impression you have used the power of God to move your rocket – when in fact you have not. Once you play the game for a few hours, you will appreciate the wisdom in this behavior, especially with larger rockets.


The graphics are what you would expect for this genre of game. Although perhaps a bit scant with the planetary scenery, the rocket and component animations are very well done.

Expect lots of flat surfaces, sharp points and rectangular patterns.

You wont see any green aliens with enlarged heads and sinister and guilty facial expressions, that is another game entirely – and you know what I’m talking about!


The sound is great, but the music was irritating and best turned down.

Final thoughts

Perhaps one of the most frustrating gaming experiences out there, Juno: New Origins is equally rewarding due to the realistic and nuanced depth of simulation.

It’s hard, and should not be underestimated. Players must pay attention to the tutorials or possess some genuine industry expertise to be successful, it truly is rocket science.

The Career mode does offer some gamification, requiring careful planning for upgrades as rewards for completing contracts, but this may serve to cheapen the experience for you, nevertheless it is a welcome option for those who love that play style.

Be prepared to spend hours playing this simulator, eagerly going through the motions repeatedly until your objective is achieved – which is ultimately well worth it.

Juno: New Origins PC Review Scott De Lacy

Summary: A game for budding geniuses to hone their skill in rocket science. Hours of endless possibilities await.


It's Science!

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