Published on October 15th, 2023 | by Howard Smith

Jean Grey #2 REVIEW

Jean Grey #2 REVIEW Howard Smith

Summary: Jean continues to find the solution, but to what end she will go is unknown.


Interestingly Good

Alternate Phoenix

Jean Grey digs deeper to find where it all went wrong as her journey continues down a road of alternate scenarios. As the story progresses, Jean Grey #2 explores the possibility of Jean taking different paths that somehow alter realities than originally designed. Due to her tenacity in searching for the answer through memories, she faces moments turned into nightmares. Changing one scenario in the history of her knowledge creates a timeline that deviates from anything positive that may help her. Looking back on a pivotal moment that involved the first interaction of the Phoenix taking control of a host with passion, Jean decides to take a different approach and instead listens to her teammates rather than irrationally taking charge. This small change forms a ripple with a terrible outcome.

The story by Lousie Simonson (The Iron Age, Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown) in Jean Grey #2 so far has been getting more and more interesting as it continues its path through Jean’s memories. The unique aspect of the way this is written is the alternate decisions Jean decides to make instead of what she had originally done before. While Jean may be trying to figure out what path she could have taken to avoid a misstep, readers are introduced to a whole new outcome that creates another reality. Due to taking a different approach to choices, the changes result in new consequences. These consequences result in Wolverine gaining the powers of the Phoenix and not Jean herself but in the worst way possible. Simonson has brought forth a what-if style of storytelling that opens new possibilities that beg to ask many questions as to what kind of reality it would have been if it continued. With that curiosity, it turns out it might be the wrong place to look for the solution. Simonson explores and adds a whole new level of character development for Jean.

In the realm of comic book artistry, Benard Chang’s (King, Monkey Prince) expertise in line work and ink work is outstanding in Jean Grey #2. In Jean Grey’s new solo, Chang’s attention to detail and his ability to portray the essence of the characters involved in this comic book is nothing short of a crafted artist putting their best forth. Within the pages and panels, Chang brings Jean’s character to life by infusing her with a personality that doesn’t feel static in nature. The use of dynamic lines and shadows intensifies the storytelling. Readers are drawn in by Chang’s artistic style which enhances the reading experience. Every curve of Jean’s costume, the strand of her red hair, and the glint in her eyes are rendered by Chang’s expert hand. His understanding of character psychology through his artwork captures the complexity of Jean’s emotions in this series. Chang’s artwork for Jean Grey delves deep into the psyche of this iconic character, making her relatable and compelling.

Regarding that compelling sensation, Marcelo Maiolo (Convergence, Robin) continues to provide masterful color execution for Jean’s solo series. In Jean Grey #2, Maiolo brings a unique and illuminating dimension to Jean’s journey through her search for answers. The comic books’ colors through his expression of color palettes emphasize both incredible powers and complex emotions. The application of colors not only enhances the visual storytelling but also appeals to playing a crucial presentation in conveying the narrative in a refreshing manner that readers will come to appreciate. In that same sentiment, Ariana Maher (Crush & Lobo, Hellcat) and her lettering savviness serve as a testament to solid dialogue flow. Her contribution strengthens the overall story tremendously.

The cover art by Amy Reeder (Supergirl, Teen Titans) is wonderfully illustrated. Reeder’s art style resembles the essence found within this comic book.

Jean Grey #2 calls back to an earlier point in Jean’s life that defined her. The only twist is that through her constant search to find where she went wrong, she ends up changing a small detail of action or exchange of emotions that creates an alternate reality where outcomes aren’t meant to happen. As Jean’s persistence grows, it’s only a matter of time before Jean discovers exactly where it all could have been better. Don’t miss out on this one. You can purchase this issue at your local comic book store or online where copies are sold.

Comic Details

Writer: Louise Simonson

Artist: Bernard Chang

Color Artist: Marcelo Maiolo

Letterer: VC’s Ariana Maher

Cover Artist: Amy Reeder

Editor: Sarah Brunstad

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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