Published on September 4th, 2016 | by Andrew Bistak

itFit SoundPro Wireless Sport Earbuds

itFit SoundPro Wireless Sport Earbuds Andrew Bistak

Summary: The itFit SoundPro Wireless Sport Earbuds provides a great option for listening to music while you're acting, including the ability of taking calls and rest assured, this is a very rugged product!


Sports music!

itFit have just released their latest product for the fitness buff with their SoundPro Wireless Sports Earbuds that is a Bluetooth 4.1 wireless headphones that boasts crystal clear audio, easy setup and more importantly, a sweat-proof design to ensure you get the most out of your workouts. Out of the box, the first thing that we noticed about the SoundPro Wireless Sports Earbuds was the professional design that not only looks good but is ultra-lightweight which really assists with your sporting workouts plus the ability to take calls. As its a Bluetooth product, the distance is around 10 metres so you could easily put this in a gym bag if you’re doing weights.



Setting up the SoundPro Wireless Sports Earbuds is also a flawless process and in order to pair this with your smartphone, you simply hold down the power button for 5 seconds on the device and then select pair on your phone. It will also give you a voice prompt as well. The only tricky aspect of the installation is ensuring that you have the correct sport fins and ear tips attached to the itFit sound buds.

Given that, this product comes with three sets of sport funs and three sets of ear tips that include small, medium and large which makes sure that this product caters for everyone. While at the gym or running, the sport funs keep the product firmly in your ear and thankfully the tangle free cord doesn’t get in the way either, especially when doing weights or something physical like running or rowing. Controlling audio and phone calls is done from a small rectangular control unit which is attached to these looped earbuds.



For such a small product, I must admit that the audio quality is quite impressive and it does help that these wireless earbuds come with CVC advanced audio enhancement and noise compression which assists with the sound quality. As the earbuds go directly in your ear, it also helps reduce background sound as well that is another bonus of this product. Furthermore, I listened to a variety of different music genres from rock to pop, classical and heavy metal with the SoundPro Wireless Sports Earbuds producing good levels with minimal distortion. Distortion generally occurred if the volume was too loud which is not ideal for your ears anyway.


Charging the SoundPro Wireless Sports Earbuds is done via the included USB cable and while charging, the LED on these earbuds will turn red and once charged, this then goes to blue. A voice prompt also informs you when the battery is getting low and the LED will also turn red on the earbuds. According to itFit, the earbuds should give you around 5 hours of call time or 6 hours of continuous music and for us, charging just took under 2 hours once the SoundPro Wireless Sports Earbuds were completely flat.


Taking calls is quite easy as well because you simply push the power button on the controls of the earbuds which also doubles as a hang-up feature. To ignore a call, you press the power button twice. Apart from that, you can control the music from the controls on the SoundPro Wireless Sports Earbuds which includes volume, play/pause plus the ability to skip tracks.

Final Thoughts?

All in all, the itFit SoundPro Wireless Sport Earbuds are a well made fitness product. Installation was easy, audio quality was great and the battery life is quite good. The only slight issue I had with the product was opening the charging port but after a few attempts, you do get the hang of it. So if you’re looking for something to complement your fitness regine, the itFit SoundPro Wireless Sport Earbuds are a great option, especially for those of us on the move.




  • Pair with your iPhone, Android or any Bluetooth® device
  • 5.5 hour rechargeable battery
  • Custom sized non-slip ear fins will keep your buds in place. Guaranteed!
  • Listen to music wirelessly and answer calls with built in controller
  • Designed to be water resistant and sweat proof
  • Premium sound housed in a lightweight design
  • CVC® advance audio enhancement improve voice calls


For more information or to order, please visit http://itfit.com

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