Published on August 27th, 2020 | by Adrian Gunning

Iron Harvest 1920+ Diesel Punk for Eyes and Ears!

Deep Silver and KING Art Games have released a brand-new Iron Harvest 1920+ music video introducing the main themes for the game. Listen to composers Adam Skorupa, known for his work on the Witcher series, and Michal Cielecki (from the Shadow Warrior series) explaining the main inspirations behind their magnificent work. To maximise immersion, Skorupa incorporated various traditional choirs, instruments, and traditions to give each faction a special feel to it. From the fine tunes of the Russian Balalaika to Polish folk music, players are treated to a wide range of emotional tunes for their conquests of the battlefields of Iron Harvest 1920+.

The Iron Harvest 1920+ OST is still available as a Pre-Order Bonus until August 31, before the game releases on September 1st on PC. Consoles Versions follow early 2021.

Iron Harvest 1920+ OST & Vinyl Available Soon
Adam Skorupa and his team created over 85 minutes of music in 60 tracks. 22 of the best tracks were combined in what has become an emotional ride through the 1920+ universe. The Composers are also delighted to announce that a Premium Vinyl has been prepared to give the music an even more authentic feel to it.
CD and Vinyl are available on the Iron Harvest Store:

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