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Injustice 2 #13 Review (World’s Finest)

Writer Tom Taylor continues his extraordinary run on Injustice 2 as we learn a little more about how Kara Zor-El came to Kahndaq and ended up with the anti-hero known as Black Adam. The issues starts with Adam training Kara but their lesson is cut short when an emissary arrives. The emissary is Nightwing (aka Damian Wayne) who has been ordered to Kahndaq by his grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul to help save the planet in his own devilish ways.

So as Black Adam attempts to hide the fact that he is harbouring the Kryptonian Kara Zor-El, Damian Wayne eves drop and intrudes on Kara. Needless to say, Black Adam is not impressed and threatens to kill Damian, only to be stopped by Kara which also proves to Batman’s fallen son that she is indeed a Kryptonian. As the story progresses, Damian gives Kara a chance of experiencing freedom as she leaves the palace of Black Adam and the two develop an interesting rapport.

Damien also discloses that he is not a good person and questions the motivations of his father. The story ends with Black Adam requesting the services of Damian Wayne in order to help him break Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) out of a Themysciran prison. I love how Taylor links the story to the latest video game and I’m eager to see how these guys free Wonder Woman.

Final Thoughts?

Like previous issues, Tom Taylor delivers another great issue of world-building and exploration of these sometimes broken characters. Even though this world is slightly twisted, he still manages to capture the heart and soul of these characters. Complementing his story is the detailed and emotion filled art of Mike S. Miller who gives the reader some great eye candy with excellent panels filled with action and drama.



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